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#141779 - 07/28/08 12:39 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Kurt_W]
kd7fqd Offline

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Something I put in our BOBs is a pre-paid Visa ($50.00) not much but, it could help. I know I know I can hear everyone saying cash is better but, I think she might be "less" inclined to use the card if it was in there. just my .02

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#141787 - 07/28/08 01:28 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Kurt_W]
OldBaldGuy Offline

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"...I know she wouldn't keep a decent change of clothes in the backpack..."

We keep a spare change of clothes under the back seat of our truck. Undies, cheap "workout" suit, a couple days worth of personal meds, and some hideout money. All sealed up in a vacuum bag. You might try that with her spare clothes; the bag sucks down small enough to not take up much space, and is just enough of a pain to open that she might not dig into it when she runs out of clean socks or something. And don't tell her about any money you put inside...

#141791 - 07/28/08 02:09 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: OldBaldGuy]
DaveT Offline

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Lots of good ideas in this thread.

One note on the radio you've added - if it has presets, maybe you can set them all to news stations. In the '03 blackout, 1010 WINS was off the air once the power went out - but WNYC (public radio) was still working, because they'd installed a generator after 9/11. They were able to put out the word as the story unfolded, with useful information - that the power outage was widespread and not going to be fixed soon. That let me tell several laggers who were hanging around on the subway platform that there was not going to be a next train - and we were able to get out through the pitch-black stairwell in a group with a couple flashlights.

If there are no presets on the radio, perhaps another laminated card with as complete a listing as you can find of likely alternate news sources - many kinds of emergencies will be putting stations off the air. Also, consider stations that are locally run - the Clear Channel and other mega-networks are less likely to have locally relevant information.


#141804 - 07/28/08 02:35 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Kurt_W]
Kurt_W Offline

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I thought about a pre-paid visa but a)It has the same possibility of it being used for a non disaster as cash and during a disaster the electronic transaction system may be down (i.e. 2003 blackout). I decided cash was more usable.

Good idea about the vacuum bag; if she is willing to give up clothes I may add that to v2

The radio will automatically scan and lock on to a radio station. Hit a button and it scans and locks on to the next station. There is no display screen - only a volume control and scan button. Will have to replace it when radio goes all digital but for now its truly idiot proof. Finding a simple radio was actually the hardest part of putting together the kit. Even the Radio Shacks in my area don't stock them. I pulled this one out of swag I got from a conference.


#141827 - 07/28/08 03:28 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Kurt_W]
Eugene Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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There are currently no plans to convert radio to digital so I wouldn't worry there, the broadcast radio spectrum is quite small compared to the broadcast tv spectrum so the airwaves would have to be pretty tight to need it.

#141836 - 07/28/08 03:58 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Kurt_W]
Arney Offline

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I'd also think about various ways you could meet her partway on her way home. Many times, just getting across the river is the hardest part and then you can drive to pick her up on the NJ side. For example, taking a shuttle bus from Grand Central or the AirTrain to Newark Airport might be alternative destinations for her to wait for you when the usual trains/buses she would take are suspended or super crowded. Just a thought.

#141855 - 07/28/08 05:00 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Kurt_W]
Rodion Offline

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Loc: Israel

I'm fairly sure that in a bug-out-worthy event, Kurt would be half-way there by the time his daughter was finished packing. It kind of goes without saying. Rendervouz spots are a good point, though.

Originally Posted By: Kurt_W
Hmmm, lots of replies. Let me see how many I can address at once...
The FAK is home-built. No sam splint or moleskin. I don't have the complete list here, but basically it will treat cuts, abrasions, etc. Not broken bones or extensive wounds. See comments above about weight and space.

The knife is a small swiss army type folder. I want to add a multi-tool but didn't have one available. Another item for v2.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

I will not challenge your budget choices(it's certainly not my place to do so), but I do have one objection: if you're going to sacrifice medical supplies, doesn't it make more sense to drop the stuff she can do without?
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#141876 - 07/28/08 06:21 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Rodion]
Kurt_W Offline

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One of the alternate destinations is relatives between NYC and our house. If she makes it across the river and can't make any of the NJ destinations I already have 3 or 4 meetup points identified. It just became too much info to impart on the destination cards.

Rodion, I'm not sure what you mean re: you comment about medical supplies. If she's not trained or mentally prepared to deal with more than cuts and minor injuries, than having her pack along those extra supplies seemed, on balence, to be less useful. While I could have done so with the thought that someone she was with could use them, I decided (and the FAK container size constraints) it wasn't worth it. Again, I may add some additional items in v2.

FYI - All the items are packed in 3 hard cases inside the backpack (99 cent pencil cases work well) except for the FAK in a soft pouch I had on hand and the dust masks (which came in a hard bubble pack. Makes for less movement and clumping and looks neater.


#141927 - 07/28/08 10:39 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Kurt_W]
Pansy Offline

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Loc: Missouri
I think food would be very important in this situation. As most of us know food(especially substantial food) can sometimes be difficult to procure in a dorm room. Bugging out with Ramen noodles(while better than nothing) is just not a good idea. My advice with the food situation is to get a few 1200 cal Mainstay or Datrex Bars. Not only are they amazing survival food but they don't taste that great. She would have to be in a real 'food emergency' to want to tear into those. Anyway just a thought.

#169347 - 03/14/09 11:43 PM Re: BONY Bag [Re: Pansy]
yelp Offline

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Loc: Colorado
Like a lot of folks reading this, I have a fair amount of gear that mostly sits around in various packs and duffles. Under the auspice that "it's better to have it and not need it..." and the fact that messing with gear is more fun than writing reports, I put together another kit based off the BONY bag (thanks Kurt_W!). It rides in a laptog bag along with a laptop, charger, external drives, pens / pencils, etc...and, since I try to travel with carry-on luggage only, be as security-friendly as possible. It's designed to get me to local caches and shelter-in-place locations in / near Los Angeles, Denver, New York, and various middle-of-nowhere places in Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico, wherever. These items (sometimes) get used in every day capacities and supplement what's already in my pockets. The laptop bag is typically near me at all times. Items are listed in no particular order.

In a 1-quart ziploc bag so it can be easily inspected at checkpoints:

Mini-Match magnesium / ferro rod
Pelican mini-flasher 2130
Adventure Lights Guardian strobe light
(I may get rid of the blinky lights and get some Glo-Toobs since I already carry CR123s, but I like blinky lights)
DR eQ multi light
a few differently-sized split rings
a few safety pins
several different sizes of needles
travel pack (10 meters) of dental floss
mini Sharpie
Pack Shack compass pouch - can be attached to the shoulder strap of the laptop bag
cut down Fox 40 whistle (with lanyard, in compass pouch)
2x3 Star Flash mirror (in compass pouch)
Mini-Comp II micro orienteering compass (in compass pouch)
mini-bic with plunger secured by a zip tie
3 cotton balls stuffed into a Listerine breath strips case (decided against Tinder-Quik because I didn't want to explain to security what they're for - thanks, KenK! - I have Carmex, Chapstick, whatever to grease them up)
flattened 1/4 roll of duct tape (it's a lot, but the roll grows smaller as I use it)
~half meter string to be used as lanyard
~20 mini zip ties

The ziploc and contents ride in an Outdoor Products fanny pack (whichever model is the skinny one), along with:

disposable poncho
6 20 cm zip ties
6 meters p-cord
trau-medic and a bunch of band-aids
mini EMT shears
10 MicroPur tabs

I went with the fanny pack so that in the event of an emergency landing / ditching, ala the Hudson River awhile back, I could take some gear with me as passengers aren't permitted to bring carry-ons when leaving the aircraft. The fanny pack should escape scrutiny. It is somewhat bulky for the utility so I may scrap it.

Things already in the laptop bag:

Witz container with cash and encrypted USB drive
a few bucks worth of quarters
bottle opener (can't legally have a multi-tool past the checkpoint)
hand sanitizer
travel pack of Wet-Ones
shirt-pocket size Rite-in-the-Rain
6 CR123s (case is also padded with cotton balls)
nitrile gloves
over-the-counter meds

Things I will be adding to the laptop bag:

an Aqua-Pouch (probably a larger capacity Nalgene Cantene as soon as I trim some of the fat off the current layout)
Green Rescue Laser Flare
a smoke hood (still have to look into the most space-efficient model - recommendations?)
light leather gloves
County Comm's breaker bar (yeah, I know that's not getting through security)
Leatherman Squirt
pre-addressed, pre-paid padded mailer for when I forget to / don't have time to take out the Leatherman when I get on a commercial flight
County Comm's embassy radio
a corkscrew (thanks Equipped4Chicago - Canoedogs - MDinana!)
Night Core D-10 (I'd like to have the versatility of a high-intensity light that takes AAs - thanks whoever mentioned this in a recent thread!)

I should probably do something about food as well...

Specific questions:

If I decide I have room AND can afford it (neither's very likely) I may add a dual-band 2-meter / aviation frequency HT. I looked at what was available several years ago and I wasn't impressed with the reliability. Can anybody make recommendations of models to look at?

What have been people's experiences with having hacksaw blade strikers go through checkpoints?

Does anybody have a recommendation for practical shoes that aren't out-of-place with a suit?

Okay, hit me with your critiques and criticisms. What am I missing? Where am I being silly (stupid)?

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(posting this as someone that has unintentionally done a bunch of stupid stuff in the past and will again...)

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