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Where do you want to go on ETS?

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#15291 - 04/25/03 04:12 PM My EDC
dchinell Offline

Registered: 02/08/02
Posts: 312
Loc: FL
Just for fun (it's Friday) here's what I'm carrying today. I'm not particularly offering it for critique, but I'll certainly entertain anyone's suggestions for improvement.

I've noticed a strong ETS influece on my EDC over the past year or so. I like it.


- Timex Expedition watch
- Suunto Clipper compas


Left front pocket
- Spyderco Native knife - utility and lending knife
- Leatherman PST (original) - multitool
- Handkerchief - kept pristine for medical and lending uses

Right front pocket
- Benchmade McHenry & Williams - fighting knife
- Bandana - general purpose cloth, used, used, used
- Arc LE - handy, last-guy-in-the-office flashlight


Split rings attached to shoulder strap tabs
- Climb High 4 inch carabiner - emergency rapelling
- Key ring carabiner
-- Car and house keys
-- Leatherman Squirt S4 - personal hygiene
-- Photon II red LED - night vision light

Top zippered "coin" pouch
- Pillbox
-- 4 Ibuprophen - general analgesic
-- 4 Aleve - my favorite for low back pain
-- 4 Titrilac antacid - small antacid pill
-- 2 Sinutab - decongestant
-- Plastic toothpic - movie popcorn!
- Keyring for survival gear
-- JetScream whistle - small and flat
-- BSA metal match and scraper - fire
-- Case 2-inch lockback knife - can one carry enough knives?
-- Photon II amber LED - backup light
- Cricket butane lighter - safety lock
- Fisher Bullet space pen
- Large paper clip - stiff wire and device resetter

Outside front slip pocket
- 10 3 x 5 index cards - notes to others
- Plastic comb - no real use
- Spyderco ceramic file sharpener - knife sharpener
- Leatherman SideClip multitool - backup pliers, etc.

Full length side-zipper pocket
- Walther PPK/S - 380, 7 + 1
- Uncle Mike Sidekick pocket holster - extra bump protection for PPK

Main top-zipper compartment
- Palm M100 - pda with first aid and survival info
- Sony Z100 cell phone - emergency use only
- Wallet - credit cards and cash, plus...
-- 2 bandaids, 1 x 4 inch
-- 1 plastic toothpick
- Leather checkbook cover
-- Checkbook
-- Deposit slip book
-- 3 x 5 index cards
- Reading glasses in aluminum tube
- 20 ft nylon mason's line, braided
- 25 ft 550 paracord
- Altoids tin PSK


Places I'm feeling skimpy...

I feel pretty good about medical stuff, but could probably stand to add some antiseptic pads and antibiotic ointment packed outside my PSK for easy, non-survival access.

I could easily add a trash bag and boost my shelter category. Maybe a tea candle or emergency candle for heat.

Signals are okay. Except I don't have a mirror anywhere.

Fire seems good. I have matches, more flint, and tinder in the PSK.

Water and food are covered in the PSK.

The only tool I think I'm missing is a saw. Or two saws. I'd like to add a saw blade for cutting trap notches. That should probably be a hacksaw blade in the PSK. And a wire saw for shelter making. Again, in the PSK.

Again, I'm mostly just typing this up for fun. I noticed that I find it interesting when other people list the details of what they carry. Thought you might like a look into my pockets and purse.

No fire, no steel.

#15292 - 04/26/03 11:55 PM Do you get a martini with that?

Thanks for posting your gear list. It made for interesting reading. I've only one thing to comment on. . . .

Walther PPK/S? Where's the tuxedo and shaken vodka martini? Seriously, though, I used to have one but went to other pistols for a number of reasons. 1. It is difficult for those with low upper body strength to chamber a round. My ex-wife hated having to do so and preferred that I loaded the gun for her whenever she carried it. She preferred the much larger H&K USP (and does to this day). It's been awhile, but I suspect it may be hard to reload with one hand too. 2. The ballistics of the .380 are not up to the 9mm, .357, .40, .45, etc. 3. Given its small size, there's a lot of recoil, which can make for more difficult one-handed shooting.

I've known a number of guys who carry the PPK/S as a backup, and probably also as an "Oh S---" gun. If you can, you might want to consider something in a stronger cartridge, like the Glock 26 or 27. Just my thoughts.

#15293 - 04/27/03 02:04 AM Gun Wars Episode VI, Return of the Big Bores

I really liked Dchinell's pack listing, and agree that you can never have too many knives. Each one has its own personality to me. IMO, The Walther PPK is well made, accurate, and enjoyable to shoot, though a little heavy for my tastes in stainless steel. They will feed Federal Hydrashoks, and Corbon reliably. The straight blowback design requires a steady hand, but I don't think I'd want to ever one hand any semi-auto in a defensive situation - if that's a concern, carry a revolver. I'd like to respectfully suggest that we all respect a man's decision on his carry piece - if that's what he wants to carry, he has his reasons. Regards, Keys

Edited by KeysBear (04/27/03 02:09 AM)

#15294 - 04/27/03 02:17 AM Re: Gun Wars Episode VI, Return of the Big Bores

The may not be the right forum, but here we go.

Practice! Any gun you are familiar with is the best one to have. A .22 will get someones attention if the round is put in the right place. And you can learn to handle the recoil of almost anything. Again, with practice.

My primary carry gun is a Kimber Ultra CDP. Recoil is heavy when shooting one handed, expecially off hand. But it can be done.

#15295 - 04/27/03 03:45 AM Re: Gun Wars Episode VI, Return of the Big Bores

Nicely said, BlueFlame. It's been 18 years since I last dipped a toe in the Chattahoochee. Regards to all ya'll in my home state of Georgia. Keys

#15296 - 04/27/03 05:08 PM Episode IV: A New Hope


Good point. I meant no disrespect, and should have known better. Discussing guns and calibers is as volatile as religion or politics. Your point about revolvers is well taken. They are reliable and don't go down the way autoloaders do. From a purely objective standpoint, they are probably the better selection. Of course, I'd still prefer to have a Govt. model or Commander with me. See earlier point on guns, religion, and politics! <img src="images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Again, great list!

#15297 - 04/28/03 01:10 PM Re: Gun Wars Episode VI, Return of the Big Bores


Come on back for a visit! I was in Cleveland, Helen, and Blairsville this weekend. It's great in the mountains! With all of the recent rain, the 'hooch is running strong.

#15298 - 04/28/03 01:27 PM Re: Gun Wars Episode VI, Return of the Big Bores
gear_freak Offline

Registered: 09/25/02
Posts: 239
Greetings from a fellow Atlantan (Marietta, actually) BlueFlame.
Gear Freak

#15299 - 04/28/03 03:43 PM Re: Gun Wars Episode VI, Return of the Big Bores

Well, I also carry a PPK/s... and because of its accuracy, I've never felt underprepared.

I have one of the first ones after S&W got the rights to produce them in this country. I think its a little more finicky than the German-made or Interarms variety. I wish I knew someone that had an older one they wanted to "unload". I've been keeping an eye out at the gun shows.

Even though I've finally got mine tweaked, I'd never buy another Smith-made Walther again!

#15300 - 04/28/03 04:46 PM gun ranges

Hey, gear freak. I was the one who sent you some suggestions on ranges in the Atlanta area a few weeks back. Did you ever get a chance to try any out?

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