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#14970 - 04/11/03 09:11 PM ATough Survival Test.


You have $10 to your name and you are at a 7-11 and you are going on 5 day survival trek 50 miles back in the Sonoran Desert.

What would be your gear list?

Now, why do you think you would survive?

#14971 - 04/11/03 09:24 PM Re: ATough Survival Test.

Water! As much as you can carry.

You won't starve in 5 days! <img src="images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Depending on what you've got on your back, some garbage bags/platic sheeting would also be good. Whatever they have that's cheapest (so you can buy more water).

I know, not a very sexy answer, but its all about priorities.

#14972 - 04/11/03 09:30 PM Re: ATough Survival Test.

Not bad Ben,

But you only have $10 to your name. What exactly would you buy at that store. Remember you are 50 miles back and have to walk out. <img src="images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#14973 - 04/11/03 09:36 PM Re: ATough Survival Test.

It depends, I would hope they'd have the non-refrigerated gallon jugs for, say $1 a piece. I sure ain't talking about getting Eviane in the 16 oz bottles.

If I had to dig coke bottles out of the trash and fill 'em with tap water I would. I'd also hope I could find some cheap cordage to lash it all together and distribute the weight.

I can't be exact without knowing the inventory of the particular 7/11 in question... and what clothing I'm wearing... and what I've got in my pockets. <img src="images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

#14974 - 04/12/03 12:01 AM Re: ATough Survival Test.
TomSwango Offline

Registered: 10/26/02
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Gallon Water Jug
Bic Lighter & Matches
Trash Bags
Single Edge Razor Blade
Something with a metal container to Boil Water in.

If any money left

pen light, needle and dental floss, peanut butter

#14975 - 04/12/03 12:02 AM Re: ATough Survival Test.

Water is important, But shelter is extremely vital. Most 7-11 are standard in product selection.

Remember a desert can be +150 during the day and -40 below at night in the extremes.

So what else would you get?
You have not survived yet.

#14976 - 04/12/03 12:06 AM Re: ATough Survival Test.

Not bad at all,

How would you survive the daytime sun. Is there anything you forgot. <img src="images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> [color:"red"] [/color]

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#14977 - 04/12/03 01:08 AM Re: ATough Survival Test.

"Sonoran Desert" can vary considerably, both seasonally and geographically. There is a huge difference between June on the Jornada del Muerto (Journey of Death) and Tucson in a February winter storm. You would typically need lots of water and the ability to build a fire for the often typical dry, warm conditions, but in winter storms you are more likely to require warm clothing and decent shelter.

In more than twenty years of SAR centered around Tucson, we saw a lot more people die from falls or drown than died from hyperthermia. Hypothermia just about tied for hyperthermia.

#14978 - 04/12/03 01:34 AM Re: ATough Survival Test.

blade; garbage bag; gallon bottle; cord; matches; 1 pound of coffee( I want the can here not the coffee. It is the right size to boil quantities of water with or without the lizard, rat, bird etc.)

I would think that in the trinkets dept of most 7-11 you could get a mini-multitool for around $3.00 - I have.

the garbage bag could be had for the asking if you ask nicely. You can shelter in one but two would be better. I would try to get this for free rather than have to buy a whole box for $1.50 or more. Perhaps the shopkeep will have even larger bags that his stuff was delivered in that you can liberate for the cost of conversation.

Gallon of water or other gallon bottle. The kinde with a handle is really helpful. I would try to get atleast two gallon bottles of fluid. More than this is impractical to carry without a pack.

Cordage is necessary to shelter and to carry. With some cordage the bottles can be hung on ends of a mop handle sized stick.

Matches can probably be had for the cost of conversation from the clerk. If they sell cigarettes then the matches are free for any and all just for the asking.

1 pound coffee can is the best expedient pot. smaller cans will do and if you can get one with sodium free vegatables you have added to your water supply. If they make coffee in the store they might have a few pound sized coffee cans around for free. If possible get two and make a hobo stove out of one and cook in the other.

If you have a decen skill with converastion and some luck your $10 can go a ways. Following the above scenario you could buy the mini-multitool novelty for $3, $2 spend on two gallons of water, $1.50 spent on small spool of twine (cotton twine is best since it can become tinder but look for something clothesline diameter so you get strength enough for other purposes.), $0 on the garbage bags or other plastic sheeting which will be your sheltere $0 on atleast 2 books of matches up to as many as they will let you grab, maybe $0 on two pound sized coffee cans, this leaves you with $3.50 to upgrade any of the above options. Remember, in summer or warm weather you will be sitting still in whatever shade you can construct until night and then moving to keep yourself warm in the dark so you might want to get a flashlight but it is also likely to be fairly bright at night in the dry climate with few obstructions to the star-shine so the light might not be necessary. In the cooler weather or elevations you will be moving during the day and sheltering at night. In this case you might spend the remaining money on some cheap sunglasses to prevent snow-blindness. None of this matters in the truly cold weather if you aren't dressed for the experience.

#14979 - 04/12/03 01:37 AM Re: ATough Survival Test.

check this earlier forum thread

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