In accumulating various apparatus for a long-term scenario, Iíve come across a dilemma. I have two used kerosene heaters, two new kerosene lanterns and a new kerosene heater/stove. Iíd like to test all of these out but I hesitate because Iíve read that itís exposure of the wicks and mantles to kerosene that deteriorates them. I have new mantles for the old heaters and the others are new, but it seems a waste to test them and go though an entire set of wicks. Also, Iíve read that kerosene has a shelf-life. One book said that any kerosene left in a tank for a year should be replaced. This also brings up the idea of long-term storage of a significant amount of kerosene.

Should I test my kerosene lamps, heaters and stove?

How long can the kerosene keep in the (various) tanks? And will that destroy the wicks and mantle?

How much kerosene can I keep on hand for long-term storage?