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#14555 - 03/30/03 12:07 AM PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules

Reading how Doug had to pull his Support our Troops post makes me want to barf. Don't think I can take much more of this. I am one of the most "we're all brothers and sisters on the same planet, live and let live with respect" people I know. All this whining is going to make me an isolationist, and I've never been one before. Grumble grumble. Keys

#14556 - 03/30/03 12:13 AM Re: PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules

Agreed, I don't see how sending family and friends a few comfort items is all that political.

#14557 - 03/30/03 12:27 AM Re: PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules

I think the White House needs caller ID. Next time they call for help let the answering maching get it. This isn't political, this is being totally fed up. Truth is Doug is an American, and what he was doing was no different than sending humanitarian aid to earthquake victims. It's about people being away from home in a tough environment. Are they trying to tell me our troops don't deserve humanitarian aid because they're American. I can't say any more without completely losing my dignity. Keys

#14558 - 03/30/03 06:04 AM Re: PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules
Doug_Ritter Offline


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Please chill out, lots more important stuff to worry about or get upset about. This isn't a case of being PC, it was a matter of following the rules I, myself, set down to maintain the focus of this place. Sure, I can break my own rules, it's my ball, my field and all that, but to what good purpose? If anyone should be PO'd, it should be me, but I'm not, except at myself for doing something dumb. The good news is that unlike some dumb things I've done, and no doubt will do in the future, it is easily remedied. <img src="images/graemlins/ooo.gif" alt="" /> Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.

As for becoming an isolationist, I don't think it's a practical solution these days, as much as we might want to do it and others may try. Survival is dependent on accepting things the way they are and then coping with them, not hiding from them. For some not very light reading on the subject, I recommend Ralph Peters' non-fiction titles. These should be of interest to anyone seriously interested in survival in today's world. Plenty of food for thought. Links below:


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#14559 - 03/30/03 07:00 AM Re: PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Any brief surfing of site forums will display jingoism,ethnic and nation bashing, advocacy of physical violence against those who disagree etc. This is fine, if your demographics mimic THE MAN SHOW. Those folks can engage in mutual grooming and bonding with the full support of the ACLU and myself. What they cannot do, is expand their readership. I have myself fled ,bloodied and insulted more than one. I left one forum because a good online friend ( who's politics and mine are diametrically opposite) was personally attacked, his computer hacked and personal information distrubuted. Ironically, we were the only two to contribute $. We left, and the forum folded it's survival shelter LOL. We all say dumb things, or smart things phrased dumbly. I am real good at discerning native from chemically tanned leather via taste <img src="images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />. The bottom line is simple. Someday this site will have readers from every nation, religon,moral temper and age. We will share information about being EQUIPPED TO SURVIVE. That, to me is much more interesting than what the Irish call "Old ,unhappy, half forgotten things" <img src="images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

#14560 - 03/30/03 10:47 AM Re: PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules

My reply to that would be to ask you to imagene this sceanario:
If an Iraqi (or anyone who surported the Iraqi's in there caurse) came onto this site and posted information about how to help the Iraqi soldiers in their fight against the US how would you feel?
All I'm trying to do is get my point accross about having an open mind and trying to see things from everyone's point of view.
Again not stateing any points of view on the subject of helping the troops.
and Doug, I aprieciate what you did. In my opinion it was the right thing to do. and I also aprieciate what you said about it being your forum and everything.

#14561 - 03/30/03 12:37 PM Re: PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules

Have no problem at all with feeding, clothing, providing footwear, temporary shelter, chewing gum, playing cards, etc. for any human being on earth, and have been apalled that some Iraqi soldiers have been found without shoes. Such a statement might be construed as condoning aiding and abetting an enemy, but I think my point is valid. Even a good knife for our troops is meant for survival against the elements and will rarely I'm sure be used mano a mano. I will stick with my humanitarian stance. Unfortunately, looking at the world in a Petri dish, we could make a third incarnation of the League of Nations, and regional interests will still outweigh global. Ambassadors will still spew doublespeak nonsense. Got to get too many countries out of the 19th Century first, both physically and mentally. Right now see the U.S. as the sheepdog of the world with the little lambies thinking they'll do just fine without the big dog (that brute) as long as they have a treaty and can make a few Euros trading with the wolves and their Machiavellian leadership. Sorry for the rant Doug, I'll go away now. Anybody want to send me love letters send them to P11keysbear@yahoo.com Regards, Keys P.S. Those that bend over backwards too far will eventually find their backsides exposed. Now I'll go find my Lee Greenwood CD and leave ya'll alone.

Edited by KeysBear (03/30/03 04:35 PM)

#14562 - 03/31/03 05:50 PM Re: PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules

And Keys Bear, When you find that Lee Greenwood CD and put it on, remember to PLAY IT LOUD ENOUGH FOR OUR TROOPS OVERSEAS TO HEAR IT!! Gene <img src="images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

#14563 - 03/31/03 05:55 PM Re: PCness, Supporting our Military, and rules

Thanks Mr Ritter, I appreciate your point of view on this matter; as well as those opposed. Fortunately, THIS (USA) IS a FREE Country, and we have the RIGHT to personal FREEDOM OF SPEECH......UNLIKE in OTHER Countries, of which WE are trying to LIBERATE FROM TYRANY! Semper Paratus! Gene <img src="images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


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