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#14418 - 03/26/03 10:10 PM Scary stuff!!

This is a very interesting link. Very thought provoking!


#14419 - 03/27/03 01:49 AM Re: Scary stuff!!

It didn't link straight to it but I found the SARS story further down on the page. Makes me want to stock up a years worth of grub, home school the kids, and tele-commute. Regards, Keys

#14420 - 03/27/03 07:58 AM Re: Scary stuff!!
Trusbx Offline

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In Singapore we have had 3 deaths and 65 cases, with 840 people under home quarantine and all schools closed for 10 days. The health authorities here were a little slow on acting upon this but seemed to have wizened up to this infectious and potentially lethal infection.

Being in the 'frontline' of the medical profession, I have to see and deal with potential cases almost on a daily basis. Anyone with a fever, cough with a travel history to Hong Kong, Guangdong province in China, Hanoi are likely suspects.
Sure, wearing a mask to see my patients unnerves them, but I am at greater risk from them than they are from me. After all, I programmed to be 'Equipped to survive'(c) <img src="images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

The only defenses I have to protect myself are my N95 mask, prudent handwashing and a high index of suspision. I mask up to see all patients and wash my hands after each case. I shower and change before I head home.

So much is still unknown about this virus and the mode of transmission and infection but it has made me realise a few things :
1. You are responsible for your own safety - the authorities were reluctant to provide safety equipment to health care staff in the hospitals till about 30 plus staff came down with the virus. Now they've had to shut down the hospital concerned because the staff infection rate was very high.

2. Buy your own stuff! Even if you requested the N95 mask early on, they would not give it to you (cost, blah, blah ). Now everyone in that hospital is gowned up and masked up!

3. Some People are plain irresponsible - even when the mother of one child was infected she still sent the child to school, putting other people at risk.

4. Anticipate potential problems and act on the potential outcome - I stopped sending my kids to school 3 days before they ordered the school closure. I started using the N95 mask when my colleagues were making fun of me. Now they are all wearing the N95.

5. The N95/P95 is a good mask. It will filter out 95% of all particulate material & aerosols (P95 - also oil based aerosols) and even anthrax spores.....I'm getting some extras to keep in my large kit...... <img src="images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I hope this blows over soon......

Now breathing thru a 3M N95 mask.....

#14421 - 03/27/03 03:58 PM Re: Scary stuff!!

There has been very little in the western press regarding this issue, as it has been distracted by current events in the Middle East. It appears that our friends in the Peoples Republic of China have been far less than forthcoming about the extent and severity of the disease in China.

This has the potential to have the global effect of the Influenza outbreak of (?) 1917. (I think the year is correct <img src="images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />)

Good luck and stay healthy!!


#14422 - 03/27/03 04:35 PM Re: Scary stuff!!
win Offline

Registered: 09/17/01
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Loc: Hong Kong
Yep, this disease started in China and spread to here in Hong Kong and elsewhere.
Many people in the streets now wear face masks but I use the N95 rated 3M respirator model 9211. However, I am planning to get the model # 8233 which has a higher safety rating at N100. I have the whole family issued with these. HK has no more stocks at least in the very short term , the N95 # 8210.
What worries me is that a certain major regional airline has told their cabin crew that they should not worry about wearing masks(respirators?) since inside cabin filters have an effectiveness of 98%! If thats the case, this airline should be responsible for either the cabin crew catching the disease (not only the passengers) or, possibly an infected cabin crew could even spread the disease to passengers! This scenario should also apply especially to most regional carriers. Such selfish policies I can surmise, is for the sake of profits lest passengers get scared and stop travelling on their routes!
The Hong Kong Govt does not make a decision early till after other countries take precautionary measures like closing schools etc Dont know what they are waiting for. The person in charge of Hospital Authority even caught the disease after visiting hospitals here...so this thing is serious.
Warmest wishes,

#14423 - 03/27/03 08:32 PM Update
Hutch66 Offline
new member

Registered: 10/12/02
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Loc: Virginia, USA
They've finally identified this thing, which they hope will help get infected patients treated faster. Here's the story.

#14424 - 03/28/03 02:49 AM Re: Update
Trusbx Offline

Registered: 01/16/02
Posts: 397
Loc: Ed's Country
The virus has been narrowed down to either a new strain of coronavirus or a paramyxovirus, both of which have no specific treatment or vaccination. Any new specific treatment would be 3 or 4 years down the road.

Current treatment options are only to isolate, give supportive care and antiviral medications like ribavarin (used against another type of virus) and in some cases high dose steroids. As of now, no one knows which is making patients improve...! Is it the medication or the rest and supportive management...we are not sure <img src="images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Thus far, the N95 is my best friend.....



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