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Where do you want to go on ETS?

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#14243 - 03/26/03 04:33 AM Re: "BOB" AOK?
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Only BOOBS object to BOBS. <img src="images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

#14244 - 03/26/03 04:46 AM Re: "BOB" AOK?

<img src="images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" /> I am at a loss for words! I've no response appropriate for a public forum!



#14245 - 03/26/03 12:21 PM Re:bag in bag

To save the added weight of an additional pack pack you could place your minimalist gear (compass, space blanket, mirror, match safe. & sak or leatherman, etc) in your first aid kit. Place that in your ruck last so that it's right on top. If for any reason you need to lighten up in a hurry all you need to grab is the one pouch. Like you, I can't really see the need for this arising but being prepared should also cover the situations we don't see coming.

** A big thanks to Adventure Medical, whose essentials concept I just plagiarized.


#14246 - 03/26/03 01:41 PM BIBs, BNBs, BOBs, and BOOBs. . .

Yeah. I was giving this same idea some thought last night and think I'll probably do so.

#14247 - 03/26/03 02:06 PM Re: Request for Comments - Disaster Survival Kit

Wow. . . This is great stuff.
Add imodium or other anti-diaherial . . .

Great idea. I will incorporate this one.

Go ahead and take the 1 day ham lisencing course for rought $50.00 from your local ham club and get a decent 2 meter or better yet a tri-band ham hand held. . . .

I was unaware of such courses, licensing, or the possibility of a handheld ham radio. I'm researching this one now with the intent of taking your advice.

Do lighten up the flashlight. * * * Add a cell phone and make sure that you have battery conversions for you HandHeld radios and cell phone to use AA or AAA - which ever you settle on for your flash light. Replace mil-spec candle with NuWick candle

Agreed on majority of this one. D cells and flashlight are going. AA gear only, with exception of Surefire. Mil-spec candle was there because I had it, but will be replaced by NuWick. Oh, didn't include cell phone because I carry it and pager every day.

Add an 8X10 sil-tarp. * * * I second the idea of swim goggles and dust mask. * * * Also add a good pair of work gloves.

Looking into tarp. Goggles and mask are already in office, but not bag. Work gloves are on the list, though not yet in the bag.

Depending upon resupply, . . .

I'm dropping all but one MRE, which is broken down. Looking int stoves, with a preference towards MSR. Sierra cup is in bag, but not on list. Thinking about filters. . .

Batts - Look into rechargers. Maybe its the company I've kept (ex-mil), but I'm hesitant to go below 12 AA batts, even with a charger.

Monocular/Scope/Binos - I've been thinking about this one. Either going with a very light monocular or the Steiner 8x30's. (Personal preference on Steiners.)

Immunizations - Great one. This came up recently in a conversation with a co-worker on small pox vaccinations. I will be getting the shots and then keeping a record of them in the pack.

You might want a Little John Shovel . . .

Looking into shovel. Already have ear plugs and hand sanitizer in pack. Always have Oakleys (sunglasses) at hand.

General comments - All great. The "First Responder" bag will carry this stuff. As for resupplies. . . they are 12 mi. away (home), 70 mi. (friend 1) and 100 mi. (friend 2) away. Home is first, as I've got dogs.

Again, great stuff. Thank you.

#14248 - 03/26/03 02:10 PM Re: Respirator and goggles
NAro Offline

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Atty Guy: I'm treating a 9/11 victim and will tell you that her most fearsome recollection (other than actually seeing the second plane hit, then being trapped in an adjacent building for a prolonged period of time) is twofold - the dust and particles in the air, and the injuries to her hands and feet trying to escape thru rubble in her workshoes.
So if I were located where you are, I'd consider goggles, a dust mask (not really a respirator, just swimmers goggles and a painter's sanding mask) some sturdy boots and workgloves.

#14249 - 11/12/06 09:17 PM Re: Request for Comments - Disaster Survival Kit
wildman800 Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: La-USA
Take a look @ millenium-ark.net website. There is a lot of great information there!
The best luck is what you make yourself!

#14250 - 11/12/06 09:39 PM Re: Exit Strategy
Russ Online   content
Carpal Tunnel

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I've biked in and around DC and it's a good option. Good bike paths which don't compete with cars. Depends how long your commute is though. Some folks commute great distances and a bike would be useless for them.

I think you've got it wired tho'. Prepare to remain in place until the havoc dies down, then go home when it's easier to travel.

#14251 - 11/12/06 09:46 PM Re: Request for Comments - Disaster Survival Kit
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

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Loc: United Kingdom.
Go heavy on food, water, clothing, shelter and ammunition. Minimalise everything else. After all, the only reliable method of bugging out is on your own two feet. And it's amazing just how fast the weight mounts up.
I had the following distinctly unsettling through the other day:
At 60 mph, a 30 min journey puts you 30 miles away from home. That's a two day march. If your lucky. And I would not care to presume on the kindness of strangers for shelter and food. Not to mention LEO's. There is a very good chance that you will get busted for vagrancy. Irrispective of circumstances. If the local ordinances say that vagrancy is whatever the local LEO's say it is, then you are in a pot of trouble. That sound like paranoia. Perhaps it is. But its better to be paranoid than wind up in a cell.
Also: pop over to Don Reac's site and read through the artical on being homeless. Required reading I would say. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
I don't do dumb & helpless.

#14252 - 11/12/06 11:58 PM Re: Request for Comments - Disaster Survival Kit
marduk Offline

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Loc: Mid-Missouri
To second and amplify some comments already made, based on long standing prehospital, ER, & in-patient care experience.

Avoid the Sawyer Extractor - causes more harm than it helps. There exists a stung correlation between elevated blood alcohol levels and snakebite (especially upper extremity bites). Some references:
Also itís use is specifically contraindicated in the current Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines.

Use ANY tourniquet with great care! The rule (guideline?) use a tourniquet only when willing to sacrifice the limb (which may happen from tourniquet use, not the original injury).

Within the constraints of this discussion sterile gloves are probably unnecessary. That said, if you feel the need for them I would look for non-latex options. Latex allergies are becoming much more frequent. Latex gloves also don't age well, especially if exposed to heat.

The field suture issue has been discussed to death. Though well trained in suturing, I only carry Steri-Strips to allow approximation of larger wounds, not cosmetic closure.
"Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than skillfull"

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