And you'd have to wonder what kind of jury would find him guilty of anything.

Not any jury in TX.

I think that benjammin raises an interesting point about mindset. The guy in the movie brought a weapon to bear, but it doesn't seem like he had given the issue much thought beforehand. Sadly, I know people who are in that same state of unpreparedness. These people have guns in the home, but almost never practice with them. I don't grill them, but when we chat, they also don't know the laws of lethal force. Nor does it appear that they have figured out in their mind what it would take for them to take another life.

Cases like this are the exception, but at the same time, theres no script. You need a clear set of guidelines in mind to help deal with that variability. In my case, I will defend my family and myself against an immediate threat. But short of that, I will look for a safe out.