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#124851 - 02/22/08 05:58 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: GarlyDog]
dweste Offline

Registered: 02/16/08
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Just to mix it up, how about a combo shotgun-rifle, or a multi-barrel system? Here are a few sites at which to look.



European American Armory has added a new combination rimfire rifle/.410 gauge shotgun to its line of quality affordable Baikal firearms. The Model IZH94 features a rimfire upper rifle chambered in either .22LR or .22WMR and a lower .410 gauge lower shotgun. Key features include hammer forged chrome-lined barrels, checkered polished walnut stock and forend, machined steel receiver and monoblock, extractors, screw chokes, iron sights and 11 mm scope rail. Contact European American Armory, P.O. Box 1299, Sharpes, FL 32959, telephone: (321) 639-4842, fax: (321) 639-7006, Web site: www.eaacorp.com.


Switchable barrels


In a survival situation: single shot reliability and ease of maintenance, redundancy, choice of ammunition to carry and use, increased ability to use foraged ammo, in-the-field flexibility, etc.

Get more than one to cover various caliber options in a couple of weapons?

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#124853 - 02/22/08 06:05 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
benjammin Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I think your choice of a shotgun with interchangable barrels is ideal for your situation. You will be able to do just about anything you want with that gun, so long as you do your part to work within your limitations. You will be able to use that gun to hunt deer, elk, moose, caribou, black bear, and many similar big game species, as well as turkey, waterfowl, upland birds, and varmints. You will have to keep in mind the effective range of that firearm for big game is going to be less than 150 yards, but most big game are taken at shorter distances anyways. The various Mossberg configurations do quite well for all the different bird and close in varmint hunting needs, and the Mossberg actions are basic, rugged, and reliable. Consider also that the same gun equipped with a 20" barrel is a most effective self defense tool for the home.

Like others have said, I would strongly recommend getting a 22 rifle as well. It will save loads on target practice and be much more pleasant for you to shoot, and has a number of good uses as well, for not that much money.

Centerfire rifles are generally more effective for harvesting big game, especially at longer distances. But the rifled bore shotgun is a darned good compromise, and has put plenty of venison on people's tables. A one ounce slug with a muzzle velocity of 1,500 fps is a quite realistic load, and generates over a ton of energy. It is only slightly less than a typical 308 or 270 hunting load.
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#124856 - 02/22/08 06:15 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: benjammin]
dweste Offline

Registered: 02/16/08
Posts: 2463
Loc: Central California

#124857 - 02/22/08 06:19 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: benjammin]

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Definately keep them coming!

I've always planned on getting a .22LR...but there are so many options and I'm more picky because for that one I want a take down gun that can be packed in a backpack so I can hike in to take small game.

The more I read about it the more I like interchangable or multiple barrels. With interchangables I could have a rifle and a shotgun and cover just about everything under the sun. Plus it would be possible to take some versatility on a hunting trip without having to pack an arsenal.

Unfortunately hand guns are out. Illegal to hunt with them in Canada and just owning them is a nightmare I'm intentionally avoiding by not getting my restricted firearms license.

To answer the question a couple of you asked (and a couple more are wondering I'm sure) Any big game hunting I do will likely be deer. But I'd also like to have a shotgun with slugs as I'd like to do some fly in fishing up north where you can't go in without at least a high powered rifle in case of a polar bear attack. And I'm seriously considering trying skeet for the practice and for a place to use a shotgun that doesn't require killing something (I don't have a deep freeze smile )

Oh one more thing. I'm left handed. I know there are lots of good left handed options on the market but when it comes to less expensive and used, the options die down. A pump (or even break) action can be used left handed...not so with a bolt action.

#124859 - 02/22/08 06:38 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
Joseph13 Offline

Registered: 11/17/07
Posts: 88

My advice is to wait on buying a firearm. The reason is you may be able to join a loal shooting/gun club and shoot some of the members guns at the local range. This will allow you to get a feel for the particular firearms you are interested in, and aside from some money for ammunition will be far less costly than buying without knowing for sure you like the particular high dollar purchase.

While I have had no experience with the Remington 870,I have yet to meet an owner with any complaints. I do own 2 Mossberg 500s though and have had no problems with either one. I managed to pick up an extra 30" barrel that fits them. It was used and missing the front bead sight for $15.00, and well worth it. Cost another $8.00 to replace the sight. Point is there may bee some good used parts and guns in your area also.

I will agree with the other responses in that a pumpaction shotgun and a semiautomatic .22 rifle are a great pair of tools for general use. 12ga shotgun ammunition is probably the most avalible through out the USA, as opposed to 16ga or .410.

Congradulations on passing the test and deciding to buy a firearm.


#124861 - 02/22/08 06:45 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
Paul810 Offline

Registered: 03/02/03
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Loc: NJ, USA
The one thing I don't like about those break barrel rifles/shotguns with switch-able barrels, is they're usually only one shot. Most of the time that's fine, but having a quick follow-up shot at the ready can mean the difference between putting food on the table or just wasting a day.

The same idea follows if you are planning on using it for defense from animals (or people). On a break action, you might only get one or two shots out if you're lucky, and it's easy to fumble reloading. Even on an internal magazine bolt-action rifle, it's fast and easy to get four or five shots out. On a pump shotgun, you can get even more with an extended tube. It might give you more of a chance.

A single shot break action rifle/shotgun may be plenty most of the time, but then again, it might not be. Your level of comfort determines what you're willing to carry. I, personally, just wouldn't be comfortable with a single shot break action gun as my only firearm. I want at least two shots before taking the time to reload.

Again, that's just my opinion.

#124871 - 02/22/08 08:43 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
BobS Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 02/08/08
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Loc: Toledo Ohio
Look into a Savage model 24, I have one. Mine is a 22-LR and a 20-guage shotgun. It’s a hinge gun that you can break down into 2-pecies with no tools. Savage makes these in numerous combinations of calibers.

One drawback if that after every shot you have to open the gun and put in a new round or shell.

If you are interested in seeing how it breaks down, let me know and I will take a few pictures that show the progression and post them.

I use to work at a gun shop that my friend owns, people would always ask what would be a good first gun. We always said a 22-LR. You could see it in a lot of their faces that they wanted more power, a 357 Mag. Or 44 Mag. I never understood asking the question when they already made up their mind. But you really should start out with a 22-LR.

$17.00 gets you 500 22 rounds.

3006 Rifle rounds….$22.00 for 20-rounds

25 Shotgun shells……$5.00

50 357-Mag rounds….. $20.00

50-9MM rounds…………$15.00

You can run, but you'll only die tired.

#124872 - 02/22/08 08:46 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
BobS Offline
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Registered: 02/08/08
Posts: 924
Loc: Toledo Ohio

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You can run, but you'll only die tired.

#124874 - 02/22/08 08:48 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: ]
MoBOB Offline

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On the shotgun front I would look into bottom-eject such as the Ithaca 37 shotguns have. This saves you having a hull flying past your face upon ejection. If you can get your hands on an Ithaca 37 Deerslayer 12 guage - do it!!! They were a great shotgun. I have a slight preference for the Ithaca as you can tell. However, I am not affiliated with them either privately or professionally; I'm just hooked on them.... Ithacagun.com

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#124875 - 02/22/08 08:54 PM Re: Buying my first rifle...looking for advice [Re: BobS]
dweste Offline

Registered: 02/16/08
Posts: 2463
Loc: Central California
If this is a social gun, check with your most likely companions, think strongly about getting the same calibers they use, and follow your heart. Have fun.

If this is a survival gun, ignore your buddies unless they are into survival thinking, get calibers that are time-tested and for which ammo most available, and follow your head - not mine or that of anybody else. Live long.

If it is to be both, good luck.

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