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#123843 - 02/14/08 02:47 PM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: Bob]
xbanker Offline

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Lot of great suggestions that I can't improve on. I would add one other feature to your AA/bright criteria: get a model that allows multiple brightness settings. "I want bright" is understandable for many tasks like your tire change scenario but consider that a lot of usage will call for, and be better served by, a dimmer beam. The upside bonus is that you'll get longer runtime.
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#123848 - 02/14/08 03:11 PM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: ]
miner Offline

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Originally Posted By: Hacksaw
I have several and my favorite is my Petzl E+Lite. Why? Because I can slip the case on my belt. The worst flashlight is the one you left at home.

I agree. I carry mine everywhere and have yet to change the batteries after a year. It takes watch batteries (ones that look like a quarter) and I have an extra set in the case for when I need them. Small, bright, multiple settings.

As a side note, my wife got me one of these for Christmas (not necessarily advocating this supplier, just the first link I could find - she picked mine up at Lowes and it does take AA batteries):


It would work to change a tire. When stowed, it is similar to a normal flashlight. But just push a button and it the tripod snaps out and the head pivots to where you need the light directed. And it has 3 brightnesses.

#123849 - 02/14/08 03:18 PM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: miner]

I have the Stanley tripod flashlight at home in my tool box. Nothing works better when you're digging inside your computer or wedged behind your TV trying to plug in that new DVD player you got for Christmas! smile

One nice feature is that the batteries store inside the legs you don't need them to be full for it to operate. If I need some extra AAs in a pinch, I can steal some from the flashlight and the light still works.

If they ever get cheap enough I'll put some in the cars for that tire change scenario. Headlamps are good but if your wife/buddy is helping you and there's only one light (and it's attached to your forehead) it's less than practical for them.

I got mine with a bonus keychain version. It's just a single LED light that runs off of a small coin cell but it's surprisingly bright, has a decent reflector, and the tripod comes in handy. I leave right on my computer for when I need to quickly duck inside the case or under my desk for something. It's too big and awkward (IMO) to be a keychain.

#123852 - 02/14/08 03:48 PM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: ]
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Registered: 09/05/03
Posts: 75
Loc: Layton, Utah
Originally Posted By: Hacksaw
I have the Stanley tripod flashlight at home in my tool box. Nothing works better when you're digging inside your computer or wedged behind your TV trying to plug in that new DVD player you got for Christmas! smile

Now that you mention it, Ive used mine for both purposes since Christmas. Extremely handy tool.

I have so many flashlights that it is almost obscene, and my wife always complains about it. We were at her sisters cabin for Thanksgiving and they had one of the tripod lights there and I commented on how handy it was. She got me one - surprise - and it is even more useful than I had immagined.

I have not priced them but would like to have one in each vehicle. But if I did that, where would I keep those Maglites?

#123853 - 02/14/08 04:20 PM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: miner]
KenK Offline
"Be Prepared"

Registered: 06/26/04
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My wife got me a Stanley tripod LED flashlight for Christmas. Its OK, but compared to my EOS headlamp its not all that bright, nor as convenient size-wize. Decent quality though.

#123870 - 02/14/08 07:00 PM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: KenK]
horizonseeker Offline

Registered: 07/12/05
Posts: 84
to answer the zebra light question:

yes, the difference is the extra lumen output from the Q5 CREE compared to the P4 CREE. will you notice that extra 10 lumen or so? I can't. Will you have bragging rights with the later LED? Maybe.

Zebra is moving to US, my prediction, expect a price increase.

#123887 - 02/14/08 10:50 PM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: Bob]
ki4buc Offline
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Registered: 11/10/03
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Loc: Augusta, GA
Black and Decker Snake LED Work Light


You can coil it up to sit on the ground, or draped on your neck, or maybe around an arm.

#123889 - 02/14/08 11:24 PM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: duckear]
Polak187 Offline

Registered: 05/23/02
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Loc: Brooklyn, New York

Pelican 2630 (1 W and 3 AAs) or Pelican 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED (1 W and 4 AAs).

2630 has battery case mounted on the back of your head making it slimer and 2680 incorporates them into head of the headlamp making it bulkier but good for diving. I use the 2680 for night diving and it is amazing.

Whenever you use something with AA batteries it is going to be bulky and heavy.

Somebody suggested Petzl E+Lite. Good light that can be used in emergency and batteries take very little space. Not a big light and not the most powerful but great addition to kits becasue of its size. Also them batteries hold charge for a long time.

#123905 - 02/15/08 04:37 AM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: Polak187]

I'd like to get my hands on one of these to play with because it has a lot of features I like:


The main battery pack is rechargeable with a dynamo crank. Can be run of of an external pack of 3 AA batteries...perfect for cold weather if you can keep the pack inside your clothes. Can be charged off of USB.

If the quality isn't horrible, the lights are bright enough and not too blue, seems like a versatile unit.

#123916 - 02/15/08 10:44 AM Re: Anyone have a suggestion for headlamps? [Re: ]
Art_in_FL Offline

Registered: 09/01/07
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I don't much like headlamps as such. They have a lot of problems in my book.

The form itself, a headband with several boxes hanging off it makes it hard to store. Headlamps have to be worn or stuffed into a pack or sack. many are so ungainly that they are impossible to stuff into a regular pocket. Headlamps are more difficult to use in the hand and are subject to getting caught on things and damaged. I have seen this damage and a pattern of wear and tear with headlamps that have a separate battery box and lamp assembly connected by a cable. Where the cables go into the boxes there is a tendency to wear, become unreliable, and break.

Also there are some number of headlamps that require specialized batteries and/or special lamp assemblies. Finding replacements, on short notice or after the design is a decade old, can be a pain.

That said I do like the idea of a headlamp. Having both hands free to work and having everything you look at directly illuminated is very handy.

My solution is to get any of the many reliable two-cell AA or AA flashlights and a Nite-Ize, or its generic equivalent, headband. These headbands, which aren't at all difficult to manufacture on your own, allow you to mount the flashlight on the side of the head. Sort of a friendly Borg look. Functionally I see little difference between a side mounted light and a center mounted one.

The advantages of side mounting a small regular flashlight is that the flashlight is a compact, easy to store, easy to hold, package that is highly resistant to water damage and physical abuse. The flashlight uses commonly available batteries that you can find in any convenient store. These batteries are so common that there is little chance they will be unavailable any time in the next twenty years.

For field use I hang the flashlight ready to go in a nylon sheath and the nylon headband, a simple piece of 3/4" webbing with a few bits of elastic and Velcro sewn on gets wrapped around the belt and hangs out of the way or it rides in a pocket so compactly that it is nearly unnoticeable until needed.

The other benefit is the relative cost of a simple flashlight/ headband combination compared with the headlamps. Those headlamps can be north of $60. Reliable AA flashlights can be had for $10 and up and even the brand-name Nite-Ize headband, the most expensive option but very nice, goes for about $12.

Works for me.

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