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#12178 - 01/19/03 04:24 PM PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetitive)
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Registered: 05/10/02
Posts: 391
Loc: Cape Town, South Africa
Hi Every1

I apoligise for bringing up such a repetitive topic, but I can't get hold of altoids or tabbaco tins in S.A.

I've seen these new plastic waterproof cellphone bags that you can hang around your neck. I can't give you any more information as I saw these only breifly out of town.

Does any1 have exxperiences with these as containers for a PSK? . any other ideas would be welcome
'n Boer maak 'n plan

#12179 - 01/19/03 11:37 PM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetit
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Registered: 09/29/02
Posts: 124
I'm afraid I still can't grasp the popularity of Altoids tins for PSK's. Of course, I enjoy the old-fashioned styling as much as the next fellow, but they are heavy, non-waterproof, and way too small to boil water in. My choice is just a pair of small ziplock bags, one inside the other. Light, waterproof, cheap and replaceable (though much worse than the Altoids tin for boiling water in <img src="images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> ). So maybe your neck-carry cellphone thingy might be just the ticket...

#12180 - 01/20/03 04:00 AM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetit
aardwolfe Offline
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Registered: 08/22/01
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Loc: St. John's, Newfoundland
Actually, you can boil water in a paper cup, as long as you don't let it touch the coals. So maybe a plastic ziplock is better for boiling water than an Altoids tin. :-)
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#12181 - 01/20/03 04:52 AM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetitive)

Don't get hung up on the type of container. The main objective is that you have the important items within reach when it hits the fan. I have carried compass, matches, F A kit in all kings of ways over the years. Items carried in soft containers like cloth bags tend to abrade against the other items thrown into a backpack. That is the advantage of a small rigid metal container like an Altoids tin, especially for items you want to carry with you and that you will be checking only at infrequent intervals. Be particularly sure that your matches and firestarters are well protected. But almost anything will serve, especially for a short period of time. Consider aluminum soap dishes, bicycle tire patch kits, or small tins used for cocoa powder.

#12182 - 01/20/03 06:47 AM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetitive)

Personally i have recently opted for a small padded envelope!
Or a big opne cut up and sealed with duck tape
It is relatively watyerproof from the bubble wrap inside

The paper on the outside can be used as tinder and the biubble wrap can be popped (very relaxing)


#12183 - 01/20/03 02:41 PM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetitive)
NAro Offline

Registered: 03/15/01
Posts: 493
I'm beyond the Altoid's tin fettish now. Having had a survival issue when I didn't have pockets, I now use this:


It holds more than my Altoids tin. I've had to discipline myself not to put in everything it could hold. The lanyard is "breakaway" so you won't hang yourself. I thread my whistle, Photon II and compass on the lanyard itself. It has stayed waterproof when swimming, but I have not tested it at depth so I don't know yet about using it when scuba diving.

#12184 - 01/20/03 02:57 PM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetitive)

I don't have any experience with this particular container, but it looks pretty good. I doubt, however, that it woudl work for any length of time in a scuba environment. In our local environment, urchin spines would perforate it in a heartbeat. I have a lot of scars from spines that have penetrated a 3/8" wetsuit and gloves.

Actually, when diving, you are already set for survival because you have your big, bad knife, right? (and probably a light as well). My perennial fear when diving was of surfacing and finding no boat in sight, and having to swim about two miles to the beach. I thought I would carry a metal match or similar and a signal mirror. Most beaches have enough debris on them to equip a sporting goods store. Seriously, I have found functioning dive lights and edible food on beaches where I dive, as well as a rich supply for improvising almost anything I could desire.

#12185 - 01/21/03 09:10 PM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetitive)

As has already been said...don't get too caught up in the container. I've made kits out of all kinds of stuff...just to see what works best. My favorite is a soft case I got as a give-a-way at a meeting. It measures 2.5" X 4" and was intended to be a little first aid kit. I just added to the orginal contents.

I've also used tobacco tins, cigar tins, baggies, fanny packs, small plastic first aid kit containers and a floppy disc travel storage container (which works quiet well, I might add...it stays in a briefcase).

#12186 - 01/24/03 10:06 PM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetitive)
WOFT Offline

Registered: 05/10/02
Posts: 391
Loc: Cape Town, South Africa
Thanks for the replys.

Personaly, my 'Ideal container' (I don't know if it exsists though <img src="images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />) is
1)water proof (cell phone bag)
2)robust (altoids/metal container)
3)unatractive (ie. i wont be walking around with big bulge in my pocket)
4) resealable (not like some 'sardine tins' that you find on the market.

I think i'll try get hold of a cell-phone pouch for the moment, and just see what i can find in the future.
'n Boer maak 'n plan

#12187 - 01/24/03 10:52 PM Re: PSK Conatainer (this is getting really repetitive)
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Registered: 03/13/02
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Loc: Seattle, Washington
My PSK is housed in a plastic fly box from C& F Design

Note the stainless clips inside. These are used to contain snap in foam sheets that fishing flies are hooked into. I purchased this box because it is about 2x larger than an Altoids tin and fits my shirt pocket perfectly. It is significantly thicker, making addition of full sized knife, whistle etc easy. Note also that a 2x3 signal mirror snaps perfectly into the clip on one side.

This company also makes fully waterproof boxes that are quick opening.

All of these boxes are larger than the norm for this forums PSK's but are worth a look for the slightly Super-Sized PSK versions.

My packed box list can be found at

Schwert PSK+

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