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#119605 - 01/10/08 05:18 PM Re: Survival Pills [Re: doug]
Am_Fear_Liath_Mor Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Hi Doug,

The Testimonials were certainly impressive with comments such as

I felt fine and worked out each day and even lost 5 pounds in the 57-hours I was on it.


I lost about a pound a day but I really did feel OK.


In addition I lost two-three pounds. I can recommend this product for many disaster and dietary applications

A new Hollywood diet craze possibly (forget the babyfood). laugh

All thats required is to find an emergency situation somewhere in the world where there is abject hunger. Kick the celebrity out of an aeroplane with a parachute with these multivitamin tablets of course and pick them up a week later (they should be a good 10lbs lighter).

#119606 - 01/10/08 05:25 PM Re: Survival Pills [Re: JCWohlschlag]
Spiritwalker Offline

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Originally Posted By: JCWohlschlag
Originally Posted By: doug
"With LifeCaps in your backpack or emergency kit, you have confidence in knowing you are always prepared, no matter what. These unique capsules can help sustain your life in an emergency, even when food is not readily available for whatever reason."


Gee, Iím so glad that survivalís lowest priority, food, has been so thoroughly taken care of. Now if only they can compress a liter of water down into a pill.


Your prayers are answered.

Dehydrated Water


#119626 - 01/10/08 09:23 PM Re: Survival Pills [Re: ]
Art_in_FL Offline

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I don't know. Sounds like a gimmick to me. Vitamins and minerals ... how is this different from carrying a couple of multi-vitamins that sell for about ten cents each? Except being many times more expensive.

On the other hand I used to hike with a girl who ate nothing but spirulina capsules during a pretty tough two-day hike. I was dragging rump near the end and she had loads of energy. I suspect it was an extended placebo effect. Go figure.

#119627 - 01/10/08 09:25 PM Re: Survival Pills [Re: ]
Erik_B Offline

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Originally Posted By: BigDaddyTX
Well, I'd say there's nothing wrong with having some of these as long as people realize that a handful of multi-vitamins would get you as far. For some people it's about having it there regardless if they need it; I can only imagine what my wife would sound like after a day or two without food, but if I had something to give her and tell her was some sort of supplement it MIGHT go a long way. Anyone else see the potential for a dirty joke with that statement, or do I just see naughty jokes everywhere..

i see it, but i aint goin there.
Originally Posted By: scafool
Camping teaches us what things we can live without.

Originally Posted By: ironraven
...Shopping appeals to the soul of the hunter-gatherer.

#119826 - 01/12/08 07:57 PM Re: Survival Pills [Re: Cjoi]
DennisTheMenace Offline

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Loc: Omaha, Nebraska
I found a list of ingredients linked from the order page. At $1+ per capsule those are very expensive vitamin pills.


#119928 - 01/13/08 09:08 PM Re: Survival Pills [Re: ]
twdrake Offline

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hey guys, new to the forum..

I keep two packages of these survival tabs in my packs (30 days supply) read up on all of the info here: http://www.survivaltabs.com/how-tabs-work.html but buy them somewhere else, can get them for around $19 a bottle on sale here: http://www.campingsurvival.com/surtabnewcon.html

each bottle has 180 tabs, a 15 day supply for a single person read up on the specs at the website

#119943 - 01/13/08 10:36 PM Re: Survival Pills [Re: Spiritwalker]
MDinana Offline

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Your prayers are answered.

Dehydrated Water

</sarcasm> [/quote]

wow... that's actually a very believable website. Scary. They might be making money. I'm kind of shocked!

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#119955 - 01/14/08 12:19 AM Re: Survival Pills [Re: MDinana]
Art_in_FL Offline

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IMHO if your body has reserves and your metabolism allows you to quickly and effectively convert those reserves, primarily fat, into usable energy, you could indeed operate for a time on just vitamins, minerals and water.

But most people could do just about as well without the vitamins and minerals for some time at decreasing levels of output and efficiency. In theory the vitamins and minerals hold off the deterioration for some amount of time.

Most Americans have ten to twenty pounds of fat reserves. The problem crops up that not everyone is gifted with a metabolism that can operate on fat reserves as the primary energy source. Many people need some amount of external caloric input over and above vitamins and minerals. Some percentage, serious hypoglycemics and diabetics as a start, could easily die trying to operate from internal fat alone as a calorie source.

My estimation is that Life caps are mostly vitamins and minerals. If your metabolism is forgiving and you have reserves you might be able to go a week or so on them. But you might do about as well with regular high-dose vitamins and eating worms. I doubt you would feel fed. Get used to that stomach on backbone feeling. And after a few weeks they may have to use a apple corer on you to open you back up.

Survival Tabs look to be the descendant of the concentrated survival foods that were being researched in WW2. They have vitamins and minerals but also have a considerable amount of actual food. The daily ration of twelve rather large horse tablets has more bulk and weigh but in return you get something a bit closer to a starvation ration that has been heavily fortified. You might go a few weeks or a month on these without too much trouble. I suspect your going to feel empty and hungry much of the time but the feet would keep moving and your bowels too after some time.

Moving up to almost real food consider something like Mainstay survival bars. They are compact but bulkier and heavier than either of the two previous products. But in return you get a fuller allocation of calories, a better chance people with less than perfect metabolisms can run off it, and the ability to run on this one source longer without discomfort or hazard.

Of course the long-term solution is real food. But real food can be a pain. It is heavy, bulky, doesn't always store well, and it often needs processing and/or cooking.

Everything is a trade-off.

#119961 - 01/14/08 12:53 AM Re: Survival Pills [Re: Art_in_FL]
twdrake Offline

Registered: 01/13/08
Posts: 2
Obviously real food is the goal. But we are talking short-term survival solutions with products that will provide the necessary, not comfortable, levels of nutrition. The idea behind the survival tabs that I previously noted began with NASA and the space program, if you would explore the links that I included you would find that much of the survival tabs advantage lies in the fact that you actually absorb nearly 99% of the nutrients included.

There have been several independent reviewers who have gone 30, 60, and even 90 days living just off of survival tabs, if you would like links to these examples I will provide them. Now, there was some weight loss, and discomfort, but the point is survival.

I am not saying that these tabs will allow you to live comfortably, think about cutting your current caloric intake to 240 calories per day. doesn't sound like fun for me, but the method of taking them (letting them dissolve in your mouth) applied with the method of production allows the greatest amount of absorption into your system. And from the reviews yes it does seem that your bowel movements cease or at least diminish within a few days, which in a survival situation may not be so bad.

It would not be comfortable, or enjoyable, to take these tabs for a significant amount of time, but it would make you survive. If you have the time, money, and ability to make or buy bars or other items then that may be your best option. But for $1.20 a day, I see these tabs as being a useful resource in helping survive if there was an extended need. However, I have a high tolerance for lowered comfort, and would eat anything if it had nutritional value, partially due to my upbringing, partially due to my indifference to comfort, mostly due to my low income.

I have tried these survival tabs, but only once and not for an extended period of time. However I would like to do a 30 day test of my own when I have the resources to do so. Please check out the links that I have provided so that I don't have to list all of the information here.

In interest of full disclosure I am not in any way related to or involved in the production or sales of survival tabs.. my brother and I just found them on the internet after our discussion about a small and simple nutritional source that could be used for an extended period of time.. and we bought some, and tried them..

#119989 - 01/14/08 03:43 AM Re: Survival Pills [Re: MDinana]
OldBaldGuy Offline

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Hey, air guitars have been sold on e-bay for real money, and boxes of rocks...

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