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#114308 - 11/30/07 09:43 PM Replace a $1000 BOB with $30
survivalperson Offline

Registered: 05/03/03
Posts: 85
I've had one stolen, I almost lost another, when I walk around mexico i leave it locked up to keep it from being stolen. My Every Day Carry Bug Out Bag is small, light, comprehensive, blends in, and is EXPENSIVE.

This has me rethinking my EDC bag. Since they are so prone to being left behind due to customs, forced evac, muggings confiscation, etc. I might rebuild this BOB to be as cheap as possible yet still cover all of the survival basics. Your suggestions are welcome but bear in mind that the kit has to be legal on school property and in Mexico. It can't raise anyones eyebrows if authorities were to find it. It has to replace a thousand dollar kit for about thirty bucks out of pocket plus any gear that I've had lying around for the past decade such as the headlamp.

Here is my first list based on what I condider the ten essentials. The first thing I did was remove all of the radios, tools, phones, keys, non stick cookware, nalgenes, sure fires, and fenix flashlights, and anything worth more than three dollars. I enlarged my PSK to include excellent items that I wouldn't want to leave in an expendable pack.

1. Self Defense:
need suggestions (can't carry my firearms, knives, hammer, etc.)

2. Signaling
use the excellent gear in my pockets

3. Sight
Princeton Tec Headlamp (cost around $20, but I have plenty just lying around)

4. Shelter/ Clothing
Cheap poncho or tarp
3 mil trash bags
wool cap, gloves, and socks
vinyl rain suit
lip sunscreen
sunscreen in tube
cheap cord

5. Water/ Food
Bottled Water from store
Coffee can pot with bail

6. Fire
ranger bands (I have plenty from flat tires)
Strike Anywhere matches (a dollar a box I think)
BIC Lighters

7. Hygene
small roll of toilet paper
bottle of purell

8. repair
none, sewing gear in psk

9. Medical
Lots of cotton Balls
rolls of waterproof athletic tape
coban bandages (got plenty lying around)
safety pins
excedrine (don't know of legality)

10. navigation (all compasses carried on person)
maps are dirt cheap

#114319 - 11/30/07 11:12 PM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: survivalperson]
Blast Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 07/15/02
Posts: 3561
Loc: Spring, Texas
1. Self defense:

Maybe a small aerosol can of bug spray? I think anyone sprayed in the face with 100% might break off an attack.

Note, this wouldn't make it through airport security, but otherwise it seems like an easily justified object, especially in Mexico.

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#114324 - 11/30/07 11:47 PM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: Blast]
JustinC Offline

Registered: 10/17/07
Posts: 48
Loc: New England
Self Defense: An effective self defense tool that can be taken anywhere is your keyring. Simply equip it with one of those 16" (or so) lanyards (the Adidas one springs quickly to mind). Or, if you're not impressed by commercial offerings, make one of your own from 550 cord; this will do double-duty as a small emergency stash of cordage. I tried to post a pic of mine but I'm having trouble getting pics on.

With a little practice this can be swung at an assailant with great effect, especially if you pack a hefty amount of keys. If the assailant manages to grab it you can pull him in close for follow-on techniques, and if you can get it around his neck... Anything outside basic strikes requires a modicum of skill, but nothing too advanced.

This is extremely "low-vis", and no one will give it a second look, even under the most stringent security standards.

#114333 - 12/01/07 12:40 AM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: survivalperson]
philip Offline

Registered: 09/19/05
Posts: 639
Loc: San Francisco Bay Area
On the hygiene, I'd consider soap as well as purell. I use purell a lot at Burning Man, but the wash water in the basin after I wash my hands shows there's lots of playa powder left on that purell doesn't remove. Wash your face and body with soap occasionally. That's hygienic, too. :-> I vote for a bar of soap.

On garbage bags as shelter/clothing, I'd thought they were last resort for people who didn't plan ahead? You list a tarp or poncho and a rain suit, so I'm missing the point of the garbage bags, unless maybe they're for garbage.

#114341 - 12/01/07 01:38 AM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: philip]
teacher Offline

Registered: 12/14/05
Posts: 691
Another way to have gear handy when you need it. relater--You can build a nice survival kit for about $10.


#114346 - 12/01/07 01:55 AM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: teacher]

Carry a roll of quarters. Extra spending money and helps with self defense. You could also keep a newspaper folded up Millwall Brick style. Could double as tinder if you can keep it dry and reading material if you need to kill time in a survival situation.

#114347 - 12/01/07 01:56 AM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: JustinC]
raydarkhorse Offline

Registered: 01/27/07
Posts: 510
Loc: on the road 10-11 months out o...
self defense a pair of soft leather gloves with the knuckle area toughened with salt, and a couple roll of quarters or nickles.
Depend on yourself, help those who are not able, and teach those that are.

#114363 - 12/01/07 04:00 AM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: JustinC]
SwampDonkey Offline

Registered: 07/08/07
Posts: 1268
Loc: Northeastern Ontario, Canada
I have read that a bandana loaded with a weight (such as keys on a ring) can be used as an effective sap?

#114365 - 12/01/07 04:11 AM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: SwampDonkey]

A sock works just as well if not better

#114388 - 12/01/07 12:16 PM Re: Replace a $1000 BOB with $30 [Re: ]
JustinC Offline

Registered: 10/17/07
Posts: 48
Loc: New England
Carrying a sock or bandana and a roll of coins in your pocket might raise questions, especially if pre-configured the way described. And if not pre-configured it would not be ready when you needed it.

Leather gloves? That might work, but I can't see myself wearing gloves all day every day, and even carrying them during the summer would be a pain (my pockets are already too full). Also, there is no standoff with this method - as soon as you were in striking distance you'd also be within your adversary's range. This is an especially undesirable situation if he has a knife.

The beauty of the keychain lanyard is that it's ALWAYS THERE. I may have to leave home without my EDC firearm depending on where I'm traveling. My knife? Usually there, but like the sidearm, it may not be legal for carry in some places I go, and I knife is the best self-defense weapon in the first place. But my keys - I never, ever leave home without them, and they are allowed anywhere and everywhere, and no one ever thinks of a keychain as a weapon. Sorry to post twice on this, but I'm a huge proponent of the "fighting keychain", and I think it's a valuable resource that's greatly underestimated.

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