Well I'll try to do the instructions justice and give you the condensed version...it's fairly simple.

You build a sleeping platform out of (preferably) wrist thick logs cut with a bow saw. Over the platform you erect a frame using flexible saplings in a half dome shape. The dome is then covered with the space blanket. Over that, anchored to the ground is parachute cloth. And over that is clear plastic sheeting...only with a gap at the back to allow circulation through the parachute cloth and with enough hanging over the opening to drape over the entrance to the ground if needed to keep the weather out. Next you cover the platform with a bough bed. You build waist high fire about 1 or 2 paces away from the entrance. Presuming you've already collected more firewood than you'll need for the night, you stack that up 1 or 2 paces on the opposite side of the fire. The stack of wood will reflect heat towards the shelter and dry the wood at the same time. If you have already dry wood, you keep that next to the shelter, under the plastic so you can add wood in the night without having to get out of the shelter. In the morning you can get up, sit on the edge of the platform (you can even make yourself a foot rest so your feet don't neeed to sit on the ground) and cook breakfast over the fire...or using a stove...whichever. The foot platform is also a great place to dry clothing or boots. It's pretty easy to build it big enough for two as well.

If you go to the website for the Boreal Institute (www.boreal.net) and browse around you'll see some pictures of the supershelters.