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Where do you want to go on ETS?

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#107890 - 10/05/07 10:48 PM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: CBTENGR]
Russ Offline

Registered: 06/02/06
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I keep a Rem 870 for home defense and I have a couple different guns I use for Skeet and Trap. I'll leave it there, sporting purposes, castle doctrine. . . et al.

If I bug out it will be driving and an 870 (or three) will be in back with a mix of 00 buck and birdshot. There will also be a couple rifles (.22LR and .308Win) with plenty of ammo as well as my camping gear and other stuff I don't want to leave behind. Then I'll drive out of the situation, get a hotel room and hit a restaurant for dinner.
Better is the Enemy of Good Enough.
Okay, what’s your point??

#107892 - 10/05/07 11:05 PM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: CBTENGR]
UTAlumnus Offline
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1. Best covered by the way I answered the question the other day: "Want to? NO Will I? Absolutely & worry about my reaction afterward."

2. It's on my list of things that need to be seen to. I'm currently tied up with work & full class load.

3. Anytime I'm not going to school, courthouse, etc.

4. Maxpedition M series pouch that I've had a concealing flap added to.

5. The CCW is in night stand drawer when I'm not carrying it. Everything else is in locked cabinet.

6. Everyone that knows where the key is kept also has had some form of gun safety training (hunters' or ccw or both).

#107896 - 10/06/07 12:20 AM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: CBTENGR]
mootz Offline

Registered: 03/03/07
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Loc: Idaho
1- Yes, absolutely. In my opinion, if you're not, don't carry. And, I don't recommend drawing or showing the gun unless that was the last straw.

2- I shot a static course about 3 weeks ago and 3 months prior to that, I shot a combat course.

3- Due to the area I moved into and my new intimate knowledge of the city, I now carry about 90% when I'm out. That's up from about 75% before.

4- Depends what I'm carrying: Kahr MK9, IWB kydex holster; Glock 23 or SIG P229, strong side kydex belt.

5- I keep them in a safe, but the one or two that's readily available is unchambered an in a safe place. And yes, I'm aware of the law.

6- My wife has not and is not interested in guns although she grew up around them. She says she relies on me. My opinion, she's a victim waiting to happen, but I always remind her through the stories I tell her.

#107898 - 10/06/07 12:28 AM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: OldBaldGuy]
CJK Offline

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Loc: FL, USA
If anyone want to get the "Official Statistics" go to the DOJ BOJS (Department of Justice...Bureau of Justice Statistics)


They have the numbers on everything.....and then some.

#107907 - 10/06/07 02:22 AM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: CBTENGR]
Seeker890 Offline

Registered: 06/19/06
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Loc: Central Ohio
1. Yes. I have thought this through and to stop life-threatening activities in respect to my family, I wouldn't hesitate.

2. I competed in IPSC for a few years, then transitioned to IDPA for a few years. Last competition I attended was probably 6 years ago. Still practice draw and double taps at the range. Last trip to the range was 4 weeks ago with my son.

3. Do not have permit yet. I am not at liberty to discuss whether I carry at this point. smile

4. Holster, strong side.

5. Do not store in car. No permit yet. smile Storage at home is somewhat loose. They were kept up from the kids when they were little.

6. Kids are all older teens. All have experience and understand safety.
The Seeker

#107915 - 10/06/07 03:19 AM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: GrantC]
xavier01 Offline

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Loc: Phx, AZ
Originally Posted By: GrantC
Originally Posted By: CBTENGR
(statistics show that if you present a firearm and show weakness in using it, even in a life-threatening situation, it is more likely to be used against you)

Show us the source of these "statistics", please.

-=[ Grant ]=-

Does this quote seem unreasonable? Never mind the statistics.

I hate reading, but "On Killing" was hard to put down.

#107922 - 10/06/07 06:13 AM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: CBTENGR]
SpicyMcHaggis Offline

Registered: 04/04/07
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Originally Posted By: CBTENGR
I have seen several other posts that talk about firearms in the EDC arena. I would like to pose several questions for those that do EDC or are considering firearms...


- Are you prepared to use deadly force to stop the life-threatening actions of another person? (statistics show that if you present a firearm and show weakness in using it, even in a life-threatening situation, it is more likely to be used against you)

If I didn't prepare myself for using deadly force, I wouldn't be carrying. If I clear leather, you can bet I'm punching holes in the target. Mental preperation for this fact is the most inportant training there is.

- When was the last time you trained with your firearm? (not just going to the range but combat/real-world scenario training, most shootings occur within the 7m range, shooting ranges aren't setup for those distances)

I train once a week at an indoor range. Sometimes two or three times. I shoot between 7 yards and 15 yards (the min and max at the range). I also take regular self defense firearms training classes every few months. I am going to start going to IDPA matches for some variety.

- How often do you carry your firearm? (if it's not with you it can't help you, a lot of places won't let you carry firearms on their property)

Mine is always on me from when I get dressed in the morning until I go to bed. I live in CA and have a CCW permit.

- How do you carry your firearm? (LEO's are taught that the lethal range for a knife attack is 20 ft, anything less and you will be wounded before you can unholster and fire even one shot)

IWB strong side holster. Sometimes leather, sometimes kydex. Extra mag in pocket.

- Where do you keep your firearm when it's not being carried? (leaving it in the car while at work or shopping is an obvious liability unless you purchase a well made car safe)

If it's not on me that means I am in bed and it is under my pillow. My firearm is never left in the car and I don't go to places that won't let me carry, which in CA there are very few.

- Is your family trained in firearm use/safety? (if you have a firearm in the home all adults should be trained in the use of the firearm and all children should be taught firearm safety, at no time should a child or irresponsible adult be left alone with a firearm or with easy access to a firearm, all firearms should be secured when not in use)

Girlfriend is gun enthusiast and goes to the range with me every couple of weeks. No kids in house.

Good questions. I know people that carry, but probably have never thought of some of these questions before.

#107946 - 10/06/07 05:39 PM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: SpicyMcHaggis]
CJK Offline

Registered: 08/14/05
Posts: 601
Loc: FL, USA
Suggested reading......
Massad Ayoob

In the Gravest Extreme


Both books are excellent. The first speaks of the use of deadly force and IMHO should be MANDATORY for anyone before they get the gun. What should you be thinking about before you even buy a gun.....deadly force, legality, type of gun...for example...He makes reference to a homeowner using an SKS to defend his home....(let me say now that I believe that if you are to the point of using lethal force, then it doesn't matter to me what you use to deliver it, but....) he points out that if you are brought up on charges, it doesn't look good IN THE COURT to the JURY that you used "An assualt weapon". And as he said...the lawyer will definitely bring up that point!

The second speaks of what to expect (physiologically) during and after a gunfight. For example...ever notice how after a car crash the drivers begin to just start 'rambling' on about how "this" happened and how "that" happened....it is referred to as diarrhea of the mouth.....and you can expect it after the shooting too.....so learn to keep your mouth SHUT.

#107947 - 10/06/07 06:02 PM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: CBTENGR]
Stretch Offline
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Originally Posted By: CBTENGR
- Are you prepared to use deadly force to stop the life-threatening actions of another person?

Yes. "prepared" being the operative word.

- When was the last time you trained with your firearm?

09/28/07 - quarterly qualifications.

- How often do you carry your firearm?

Every day.

- How do you carry your firearm? (LEO's are taught that the lethal range for a knife attack is 20 ft, anything less and you will be wounded before you can unholster and fire even one shot)

Right side hip in a Fobus holster.

It is true about knife attacks and distance. In 1986, I was attending Caliber Press' Officer Survival Training. Out of a crowd of approximately 30, trainer Gary Klugewicz (sp?) picked me to come up front and holster a weapon that fired .38 cal cotton balls (it was wierd, but cool). He was armed with a rubber fixed blade, probably about 10" overall length. He was 15 feet away. He described to me and the class what he was going to do and when he would do it. He told me to prepare, then said draw and fire anytime you like starting "now"... and he rushed me. I got 3 rounds off as I was falling backwards, onto my back, from his onslaught. Where the rounds hit him, he almost assuredly would have been mortally wounded, eventually. I was carved turkey...it was plain for all to see including me. I bet he slashed me 10 times - minimum. He stayed away from my face and neck only because, even though the knife was rubber, it could've hurt me. So.... I say, from personal experience, 20 feet to death is true....as long as the attacker has the desire and huevos to follow through. Same goes for anyone displaying a martial arts stance after the firearm is drawn and a command given.

- Where do you keep your firearm when it's not being carried?

In the velcro compartment of my briefcase, loaded, with 2 extra magazines. Where else? Triple locked away in a safe with a padlock through the trigger guard, with the ammo locked up in another room?????????

- Is your family trained in firearm use/safety?

My wife owns and shoots (adequately) her Ruger SP101. My daughter is learning to shoot my .22 cal pellet gun. Safety is a part of the training, as is shooting to kill, not to "wound" or to "stop".

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#107949 - 10/06/07 06:26 PM Re: Firearm EDC Challenge [Re: CJK]
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

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Loc: United Kingdom.
Just be thankful that you do not live in the United Kingdom.

Legally: You can use deadly force if you are faced with a situation in which a "reasonable" person would conclude that their life or the life of others is in jeopardy

The practice: You will be charged with murder. You will be put on trial. The jury will be told that there are no circumstances under which killing them could possibly be justified.

Despite the fact that you enjoy the presumption of innocence, you are going to have to prove that you had no other choice. You are dealing with a jury that has no understanding of the situation. How have been repeatedly indoctrinated with the idea that violence IS NEVER EVER justified.

Which is nonsense.
I don't do dumb & helpless.

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