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#105812 - 09/16/07 03:17 AM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy b [Re: CBTENGR]
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Dehydrated foods and MREs can and often will cause flatulence or constipation over time. Even in a vehicle you should think about wieght. Canned foods, especially soups are largely water and heavy. If you need to carry water, carry it seperate. Vitamens can be had in so called SURVIVAL TABS, essentially multi vitamens with minerals and a few other goodies. Longterm they may be usefull. In a short term bugout situation your turning your urine yellow without knowing your specific needs. You also have to consider the salt content in foods. In all honesty, I would go to the market and buy foods you enjoy, a GOOD combination can/bottle/cap opener and think about some safe stove arrangement. All foods taste better hot. And this brings us to coffee,tea and cocoa and some cold Tang or koolaid mixes. You have taken a big step in thinking about this kit. Continue by implementing one, even if 99% of the stuff gets rotated out or improved on. It's hard to lose money on food you can actually eat and wool blankets. You have put yourself in a mindset of preparedness. This asset with a blanket, jar of peanut butter, gallon of water, matches,wool blanket and the obligatory knife tossed in the back seat puts you light years ahead of the guy inthe next lane over with his CD collection and a coke in the center console cupholder. I bet he's listening to Celine Dion's greatest hits.

#105825 - 09/16/07 05:06 AM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy bag)? [Re: mgjscdhl]

Registered: 02/03/07
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how do you plan to use your car ??? just around town or
the back road to Stony Rapids??..and what do you expect to
happen that you will need your gear???..a winter break down
where someone will come by i a few hours just calls for
a good sleeping bag and maybe a single burner propane stove.
if you expect to way out in the bush i would pack the car
with all the camping gear i had and a few bags of grocerys.

#105828 - 09/16/07 05:30 AM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy bag)? [Re: CANOEDOGS]
mgjscdhl Offline

Registered: 09/30/06
Posts: 19
Loc: canada
"I bet he's listening to Celine Dion's greatest hits." lol. I hate that showboating canadian harpie!!!

Canoedogs, to answer your question. I use my car mostly to get to work and around town. But I expect the occassional fish trip, or missed turn, etc... I've also had my former car break down and needed a blanket (which didn't have at the time), so I know of the should have could have senario. The rest of the time I don't expect problems but If something happens I want to have some gear just in case + it's not alot of money to invest in.

I have kept something in my trunk ever since my first real breakdown. I've been undecided for a while just what food can survive the winter and summer without freezing, etc... I can always carry a "mess kit" and some drink mixes, soup mixes like mr noodle and some candy, bars and some jerky for now.

#105829 - 09/16/07 05:33 AM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy b [Re: Chris Kavanaugh]
aloha Offline
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Welcome mgjscdhl and Eric.

OBG, how come you aren't "grand poo bah?" I am a little disappointed in you.

#105841 - 09/16/07 02:22 PM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy b [Re: aloha]
MDinana Offline

Registered: 03/08/07
Posts: 2196
Loc: Beer&Cheese country
I've got a Mainstay, and some Datrex rations in my car. But, i've also got raisons, some power bars, 1 chocolate bar (morale), and some of the "Complete meal" rice/bean packets from Zattaran's. They're really high in sodium, however. After 6 months they tasted OK still. The best idea, I think, is find stuff you like, and then buy a few of those things, in different forms. Like, buy pork&rice from Zatarrans, then have a Pork&rice MRE, then buy some rice and toss it in a ziplock bag. Hopefully something will be tough enough to stand up to use. Don't forget to replace it occasionally.

As for your shelter, it's your call. I'm currently in Michigan, I've got 2 wool blankets vacuum-packed (bought some of the Ziplock-type bags from moving day). I've also got 2 space blankets. They're cheap and small, so why not? If you do get a Heatsheet, I'd suggest the 2-person size. I tried out the 1-person last night, and it was barely adequate to cover me (5'7", 165 lbs). I tucked one end with my feet, and my head wasn't able to be closed off. Plus, wrapping it around me (like a burrito), I barely had enough to completely wrap around me.

Something else to consider, The Sportsman's Guide has some pretty cheap 20-degree sleeping bags online, if space isn't a big issue.

#105846 - 09/16/07 02:51 PM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy bag)? [Re: mgjscdhl]
big_al Offline

Registered: 01/04/06
Posts: 586
Loc: 20mi east of San Diego

Welcome: mgjscdhl

With the cold problem I would be no help as I live in So. Calif. as for food to carry in the car, may I echo Mr. Chris Kavanaugh suggestion as to types of food, may I also suggest that you get a small alcohole stove to cook on. (small cheap and less likley to cause problems if use inside a car) as for types of food go to www.beprepared.com I am sure you will find somthing that will make you happy.

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#105881 - 09/16/07 07:15 PM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy bag)? [Re: big_al]
mgjscdhl Offline

Registered: 09/30/06
Posts: 19
Loc: canada
beprepared doesn't ship outside of usa... :-(
I wish there were more canadian retailers. Last time I bought some supplies for psk the brokerage fees were through the roof!

MDinana, have you tried the ration packs already? If so are how are they (tasting)?

#105883 - 09/16/07 07:24 PM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy b [Re: mgjscdhl]

You can get MRE's through this Canadian company, however they are expensive.

As for other PSK/BOB supplies, I have been able to find anything I need here in Canada without having to order from the USA.

Is there anything in particula that you are looking for?

#105884 - 09/16/07 08:14 PM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy b [Re: ]
mgjscdhl Offline

Registered: 09/30/06
Posts: 19
Loc: canada
what store do you regularily use? I generally use ebay for most items. I am looking for inova microlight and some scalpel blades if you know (a) source, also like a canadian site with some general items if you know one or any other canucks here.

Last thing I bought was some rescue mirrors, spark lite tinder and nato matches. The fees cost me 60% of total cost of items it was just rediculous.

#105888 - 09/16/07 08:38 PM Re: food and shelter in car kit (rations / bivvy b [Re: mgjscdhl]

General Items:

I use MEC. They are the equivalent of REI in the USA. MEC also does mail order at a very fair price and offer free shipping on orders over $150.00. This is subject to orders must meet Canada Post's size and weight requirements (no dimension greater than 1 metre, weight less than 30kgs).

For anything else, check some of the local rescue clothing/supply stores, it is surprising what some of them carry. Depending on where you are are, some speciality stores such as timer cruising and mining supply places are a good find also.

I find that as a former firefighter/1st responder, I find that many local medical supply companies sell me just about anything I need...within reason. Perhaps it is because I know and can talk about the products, their intended uses and limitations that the sales people have no qualms about selling to me.

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