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#104547 - 09/04/07 11:31 AM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: Stefan]
ScouterMan Offline

Registered: 08/19/07
Posts: 65
Loc: Massachusetts, USA
I have found it to be a problem, both at work and at home.

At work, they know that I always have my mini-mag and a leatherman on me at all times. Since I'm a scouter, they act like I'm the second coming of McGyver. One of my responsibilities here is the safety officer. When trying to organize a first aid class, I actually had a co-worker (or cow-orker as Dogbert calls them) say that they didn't need first aid training. If there was ever an emergency, she would just stay with me since I know how to handle them.

At home, my DW has a similar attitude, even after living with 2 scouts and a scouter. I have just decided to make whatever preperations that I need and deal with the nagging later.

#104548 - 09/04/07 11:32 AM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: MDinana]
Kris Offline

Registered: 04/13/07
Posts: 623
Loc: A Canadian in the UK
Originally Posted By: MDinana
Speaking of which, has anyone tried Ranger Rick's SOS fire starter? I like the size; please PM if you have any experience with it! Thanks.

I was looking at that as well, looks interesting but small. If anyone gets any info, PM or post it? Thanks!

"One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything"
William of Ockham (1285-1349)

#104562 - 09/04/07 02:47 PM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: Kris]
Erik_B Offline

Registered: 08/10/07
Posts: 315
Loc: Somewhere in my own little wor...
during highschool i was known for having everytihng with me all the time, even if that wasn't quite accurate. extra pencils, paper, flashlight, dental floss, umbrella, 550 cord, emergency ponchos, playing cards, dice, batteries, etc. If it was legal to carry, i probably had it on me or in my locker. My friends used to say "ask Erik, he thinks of something and it appears in his pocket." since going to college, i've thusfar avoided being the go-to guy, though i think my classmates in my computer class are starting to catch on. To my friends and family, i'm definitely the go to guy. my sister compares me to Burt Gummer.
Originally Posted By: scafool
Camping teaches us what things we can live without.

Originally Posted By: ironraven
...Shopping appeals to the soul of the hunter-gatherer.

#104590 - 09/04/07 06:17 PM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: Stefan]
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

Registered: 03/31/06
Posts: 1355
Loc: United Kingdom.
Originally Posted By: Stefan

Daleks invading Earth!?

Where´s your Sonic Screwdriver then? grin


Don't need one mate. I have a Leatherman...... smile

Mind you, my best mate has a 6 year old son. He has one. I'll just throw him at 'em. wink
I don't do dumb & helpless.

#104620 - 09/04/07 09:06 PM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: SheepDog]
Art_in_FL Offline

Registered: 09/01/07
Posts: 2432
Long ago a wise person told me to learn how to type and how to sharpen a knife but warned me not to let anyone know that I knew how. Used to be if people knew you were in danger of being deluged by requests for favors.

Now typing isn't such a big deal and people have shifted to disposable knives or are so used to dull knives they no longer understand the difference. Used to be most men, and a lot of women, had a knife and most took some pride in keeping it relatively sharp. Not so much any more. Different times.

It is one thing to be known as 'Handy' and good in a tight spot and quite another to have a reputation for holding large stocks of emergency supplies.

Working in a trade I have tools. I don't lend out my regular work tools. I do keep a set of back-up/junker/loaner tools on hand. If a helper forgets his tools or we are working in an environment that eats tools or a neighbor needs a wrench these are the ones that get handed out.

After a few times borrowing the same tools I lean on the borrower and suggest that that if they owned their own they wouldn't have to spend their time begging for what they need.

I have a pantry well stocked but other than that small stockpile there is no reason for anyone to know about anything else.

I really don't worry about intruders rudely requesting or demanding a share. In my experience a firm word and a clear message your not likely to tolerate much nonsense is usually all that is necessary. I have noticed that the handle of a hog-leg peeking out around the edge of a shirt has a definite sobering effect.

#104684 - 09/05/07 03:00 AM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: Erik_B]
epirider Offline

Registered: 12/03/05
Posts: 232
Loc: Wyoming, USA
I dont want to get into a theological discussion, as everyone has there own beliefs, even if if is not to believe. However, I do know that I can count on myself and my experience to fair pretty well. As for my son, I was able to take the thread discussion, and totally P*&S my ex off telling her that I wanted to teach my son to shoot a 22cal rifle thinking that every boy that is nearing manhood should at least know how to shoot. I then asked her to keep his BOB with him in his room. That started round 2. Anyway, at this time I still have his BOB at my house, in ready, especially since we have had flash flood warnings almost every week for the last 2 months. Not only that! They live 50 yards from one of the two creeks running through town. I am at wits end, but by God I am prepared.
A government big enough to give you everything you want,
is strong enough to take everything you have.
Thomas Jefferson

#105021 - 09/08/07 02:00 PM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: Kris]
ArmyRangerRick Offline

Registered: 02/04/07
Posts: 17
Loc: Bardolino (Lake Garda) Italy
Note: I just happen to have some free time on my hands and in regards to the SOS Four-Finger-Fire-Starter...

Listen guys & gals, if you want more info on the SOS four-finger-fire starter, why don't you go directly to the source - ME! And ask for a free sample to test out.

I'm willing to give away a few (3) free samples provided the requestor is sincere, honest and a regular ETS forum contributor and not some "loose cannon."

Send me your request offline at: survivalnecklace@hotmail.com and provide me your ETS forum user name. And after checking out your user name and reviewing your past and present ETS forum input and you don't appear to be a loose cannon. I will give away three four-finger-fire starters to first three who contact me provided you agree to do a fair and balance test & review and post it here on this forum.

Fair enough? Again, newbies and loose cannons (com'on you know who you are) need NOT to apply.

Hmmm, I just might agree to do this with some of my other products too. But for now, just my four-finger-fire starter.


Remember, first come - first serve, no newbies and no loose cannons. And if you happen to be offended by this requirement, well too bad, then don't apply.

Caio from Bardolino - Italy!

Ranger Rick Tscherne

US Army, Ret. (1972-93)
Owner, www.therangerdigest.com


#105034 - 09/08/07 09:41 PM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: ArmyRangerRick]
Blast Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 07/15/02
Posts: 3561
Loc: Spring, Texas
Fair enough? Again, newbies and loose cannons (com'on you know who you are) need NOT to apply.

Oh well, I guess I'm out... grin

Blogging the Borderlands
Wild Edibles Blog
I miss OBG.

#105042 - 09/09/07 12:44 AM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: ]
Blast Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 07/15/02
Posts: 3561
Loc: Spring, Texas
I'll join you in the Not Cool Club House shortly.

You'll like it here. We have things that go BOOM!
grin grin grin
Blogging the Borderlands
Wild Edibles Blog
I miss OBG.

#105044 - 09/09/07 01:55 AM Re: Reputation of being "equipped" [Re: Erik_B]
DeathtoToasters Offline

Registered: 06/18/07
Posts: 147
Loc: Southern California
Originally Posted By: Erik_D
God will take care of us...

this one is probably my favorite on the list of dumb excuses people give for not preparing. Even more so than "FEMA will save us."

Based just on recent natural disasters, I'd say God has proven to have little interest in the wellbeing of His children. Where was God when the tsunami hit Indonesia and killed 230,000+ people? where was God when Katrina decimated NO, or when any of the recorded hurricanes and tornadoes destroyed hundreds of homes, leaving thousands of people with nothing but their free will and their faith? Years of memories and financial commitment wiped out. And why doesn't God talk some sense into the idiots who repeatedly decide to put up more houses in the exact same spot where the last ones got blown away, when it should be obvious to these people that the odds of it NOT happening again are absurdly small? I've seen some miraculously good things happen, but i've seen so many more bad things happen with no silver lining.

Personally I don't know if I would go that far. I am a very religious person, but I am of the firm belief that the best helping hands God will ever give me are on the ends of my wrists.
"Death to Toasters"-John Connor

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"Why is it called the American Dream? Because you have to be ASLEEP to believe it!" - George Carlin

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