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Today at 04:07 AM Question about rescue by Chisel

What do you do when you find somoene in the desert. He is collapsed and dehydrated. Do you give him as much water as he wants, or do you ration the water input : a little bit every few minutes.

Or is it better to give him some juice rather than water

Who do experts say ???

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Today at 02:24 AM 'Surviving a Shooting in the Amazon' by Robert_McCall

"On July 1, 2012, Davey du Plessis set off on a roughly 4,000-mile source-to-sea expedition down the Amazon. Two months and a third of the way in, he was attacked and left in the jungle to die."

Story here and video here, which has some more details and photos.

A heckuva story and plenty of things to note. One that stood out to me was that after the attack, du Plessis was separated from his boat, where the PLB was stowed. Another argument for on-body carry of critical items. Increased isolation and higher stakes call for more conservative choices about critical gear.

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Today at 01:42 AM Fort Mac evacuated due to forest fires by Roarmeister

Some 80,000 people were officially told to evacuate after homes in some neighbourhoods were burned out in Fort McMurray in northern Alberta. Evacuation is mandatory. Conditions are tinder dry, after a very dry winter and spring, forest fires have crept up to the outskirts of town. The problem is, Fort Mac is serviced by only 1 major highway and it is in total gridlock as people try to leave. This is the largest fire evacuation that has ever been in Alberta and bigger than the Slave Lake evacuation in 2011.

This is after the NDP government of the day decided to cut back on the firefighting budget this year even though it was obviously this was going to be a severe fire fighting year.

Where do 80,000 people go on a moment's notice? Hopefully, the residents had their plans in place and the BOBs all loaded.

Last year in my province of Saskatchewan we had the town of La Ronge and other communities evacuated when fire burned to the outskirts - that was a mere 13,000 people and were housed in centres all over the province.


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05/02/16 08:22 PM Lost five days in New Zealand wilderness by dougwalkabout

A mother and daughter got lost on a day hike in New Zealand. Pretty spiky terrain by the sounds of it. They got lost, pressed on into rough country, got injured and wet and hypothermic, and no-one knew they were missing. Fortunately, SAR got to them in time.

Seems like a classic cascade of small errors building into a dangerous situation. The story includes lots of details, some of which may induce a facepalm or three. Still, they beat the odds.


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04/30/16 08:50 PM Earthquake Readiness Checklist by wildman800

As I mentioned on the Hurricane Thread, I am not remotely qualified to speak on this subject but I am intrigued....

I am thinking that trigger points may be based around strebgths and frequency of those EQ's that are occurring. Those in EQ areas are requested to consider my idea and then correct or modify those ideas with their actual knowledge and experience. Here's my start:

EQCon 5: 1's and 2's are regularly occurring (pressure is constantly being released).
EQCon 4: 3's and 4's occurrances have increased above normal levels of activity.
EQCon 3: 5's are being occasionally occurring and volcano's are beginning to rumble.
EQCon 2: 5's have increased in frequency, subsurface magma movement has been detected, volcano's are occasionally releasing steam and gases.
EQCon 1: Previous EQ Activity drops to a much lower level (pressure is building), subsurface magma movement continues, volcano's continue to rumble and release steam and other gases, EQ Activity on the western side of the Ring of Fire dramatically increases with 6's and 7's.

EQCon 5:
Continue to build and rotate basic EQ supplies.
Locate suitable storage places for supplies that provide the highest chance of EQ survivability and accessibility.
Get and maintain organization of personal and business papers, personal effects.
Develope "Get Home" and "Evacuation" plans for work and family.
Have the necessary tools on hand to secure gas lines.
Address medical needs of family as is possible.

EQCon 4:
Keep gas tanks in cars above the half full level.
Update family on "Get home", "Evacuation", and "a Rendezvous/Meet Up Location" Plans.

EQCon 3:
Keep GHB in work vehicle or at the place of employment.
Keep Bug Out Bags ready to grab and go.
Insure an adequate inventory of required medications are on hand and accessible.

EQCon 2:
Insure that family members make their planned whereabouts known on a daily basis.
Review EQ Plans with family again. Refine as needed.
Top off supplies as quickly as possible. Continue rotating supplies.

EQCon 1:
Either keep family local or take a long distance vacation...
Run a family EQ Drill on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Provide small BoB's for each family member for daily carry.

Post EQ response:
Gather all family members together at the Rendezvous Point.
Conduct damage survey of property and EQ Supplies
Contact friends and family to update and get updates as communications allow.
Contact Insurance Agent(s) as Communications are restored.
Report as able, utilities issues to local authorities and/or providers.

The biggest problem that I see with this checklist is that some conditions may go on for 1, 25, 100, or longer years as Geologic events move very slowly over great expanses of time. Per this checklist, California, Oregon, and Washington are mostly in EQCon 1. C'mon West Coasters, throw reality into this list and see if something useful can arise from it....

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