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07/20/18 10:49 PM Relative Costs for Gear by hikermor


Category Cheap Middle Expensive

Fire 0 10 45
Shelter 3 40-325 151-2475
Water 0 9 50
First Aid 0 25 200

knife 15 88 690
map 12 12 500
mirror 0 4 10
whistle 0 5 35
light 0 20 320

TOTAL 30 213-498 2001-4325

The above table sums the costs I derived for 1)cheap - gear typically found on hand in the average household 2)middle - retail prices in a retail store for comparable items 3)expensive - same retail store (REI) but the most expensive (not necessarily the most suitable!) item in that category.

In "cheap" the costs are for a Mora knife, a topo map of the relevant area, and a drop cloth in the shelter category.

The "middle" included a bivvy sack (REI actually lists one at $325!!)

The "expensive" is just that,but everything is currently on the REI site. The spread in shelters is most impressive; the most expensive is a car top model - price is through the roof, so to speak.

I used REI as a guide because they have a fairly full inventory of necessary items. The same things can be found at other retailers and prices will vary, especially if you hunt for bargains.

This thread is inspired by the "Most Recommended Must Have Survival Gear under $30". i would say you can probably get by for thirty bucks or less for all your stuff and survive a night or three, or you can spend more, in some cases a lot more.

This is just a minimal kit, and there are several things that most of us would include. Note that there is no mention of a compass. IMHO and experience, a compass on land is rarely necessary to determine direction, while a topo map is frequently consulted, even in familiar terrain.

I would predict that most of us fit comfortably in the middle range.

edit: despite my best efforts, the columns got scrambled when posted - sorry!

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07/18/18 06:58 PM Stuff to pick up at your local thrift store by TeacherRO

What do you look for at your local thrift store? Fo me its fleece blankets for the car. (Many of which are just pieces of fleece material.) Great for insulation, padding cargo and covering valuables.

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07/17/18 04:55 AM Alive 7 days after Driving off Cliff by dougwalkabout

Headline: "Campers rescue woman who survived for 7 days after veering off California cliff"


She used a multitool at hand to bash her way out of the SUV, and survived seven days on water from a nearby creek.

But there was no way to climb back up the cliff.

She was found by a couple who were surfers/adventurers, looking for a fishing spot since the water was not surf-friendly, who lowered themselves down on ropes and spotted the wrecked SUV. Adventurers indeed! The finest kind.

Takeaway #1: The gear you carry may be to help someone else.

Takeaway #2: Beware the details in news stories; the first report I saw (different site) was that she survived by drinking the water out of her radiator. I was pretty sure that was not the case, and that deadly information was being given to readers (people remember things like that, while not understanding the details).

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07/15/18 03:26 PM Woman rescued from wolves by helicopter by clearwater

I have a friend who was treed by wild pigs in California, here is someone who was treed by a pack of wolves.


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07/15/18 07:56 AM Hikers in mudflats rescued by M_a_x

The article in German states that the three people were surprpised by the flood.
Tidal tables are available for this region (and should be used to plan walks). The tidal amplitude makes the water rise too fast to outrun it - especially in the mudflats. A good whistle, PFD and maybe a Cyalume light might come in handy when one gets in a situation like that.
Tourists regularly get in trouble there. Once you see the water rise you already are in trouble.

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