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Yesterday at 06:12 PM How to sharpen a machete by Just

Hi all,
You all know that a machete is a very versatile tool. It's a tricky part when it comes to sharpening it as no tools are more trickier than that. In this post, I'll cover this topic. (I've also elaborately described that with videos on my website, so you also can check that out!!!):

There are many unique tools out there that can be used for machete sharpening. In this article, we will talk about how to sharpen a machete with:

1. Belt sander
2. Grinder
3. File
4. Dremel
5. Whetstone/rock

01.Sharpening a Machete With a Belt Sander

Belt sanders are the most common and easiest method of sharpening a machete. Through this wonderful tool, you can easily give your blade a go that will result in a sharpened machete. A convex utility edge can easily be given if proper techniques are maintained all through the sharpening stage.

You just need to give a light pressure and a straight edge is there for you! Just donít overheat your machete when you are running the blade across the belt. That will harm its carbon-steel composition. Besides, itís much easier than using a grinding wheel for your machete. A moderately priced belt sander will be enough for your machetes.

02.Sharpening a Machete With a Grinder
Grinding wheels are mostly used when aggressive sharpening is needed. This process helps to eliminate the factory dullness or big nicks. As you need to sharpen your machete with a grinder in one go, the work area needs to be spacious enough for you. That will help you to get an even edge.

Also, the grinders can make your blade really hot if it is operated at a higher rpm. So either you need to operate it at a lower rpm or you need to continuously pour some water on the contacting parts of the tools. Otherwise, it will turn your blade composition into a lower grade. Both of the processes are considerably difficult if you are not experienced enough. That is why this technique is not a favourite among machete users.

03.Sharpening a Machete With a File
For a simple sharpening process, you can seek out help from a file. It doesnít require much technique to get a sharpened blade. Firstly, you need two things for sharpening your machetes, a vice to hold your machete tightly and a file. There are mainly two types of file, one is a double cut or rough and the other is a single cut or smooth. What would be the best is a bastard cut which is an intermediary option of the two.

Once the machete is tightly held in the vice at the desired angle, you need to push the file repeatedly over the blade. Remember that you canít pull it rather need to push it. Also in a reverse way, the machete can be drawn against the file. Once one side is done sharpening, the whole process is repeated on the other side. As files are really small to carry with you in the woods, you can also regain the sharpness of your blade there!

04.Sharpening a Machete With a Dremel
This sharpening process is also very common and easy to undergo. A Dremel is some power tool which is operated handheld having a rotating sharpener at the end part of its shaft. You also need a vice to grip the machete. Then you need to power up the Dremel and run it over the edge of the tool laterally. Once one side is done, you need to repeat it on the other side.

As the sharpening is done by lateral movement of the sharpener, there is a huge chance that the edges can become uneven. The reason is that you are not sharpening the whole edge in one go. But for small imperfections, this is a very good way to rectify that. That is why this process is most suitable when you are giving your machete a slight touch after some heavy uses in the fields.

05.Sharpening a Machete With a Whetstone/rock
This is another traditional way of sharpening your machetes to give a polished edge. For this method to work perfectly, you need a whetstone/rock, some water and a beacon if you are using an artificial stone. Firstly, soak the whetstone into the water for some time. Then you need to move the blade perpendicularly at an angle from the base of the stone to the tip. You need to move the blade up and down the stone for some time.

This process doesnít require a lot of techniques and is a simple way to get your blade sharper within some minutes. There are many whetstones out on the market that can be handy. We have an article on the best sharpeners where we have talked elaborately on that. As this process doesnít require so many tools and techniques, itís a popular method among the users.

Machete Sharpening Angle
When you are going to sharpen your machete, you need to select the angle very wisely. Because machete sharpening angle directly influences its fields of performance. If the machete is used for cutting grass and non-woody staffs, then small sharpening angle is very suitable for that. An angle of 20-25 degrees would be really suitable for that purpose.

And if you need to cut wood branches and thick staffs then a larger angle of 25-35 degrees is recommended for a better output. In that case, the machete can take the beating of repeated chopping. Also, in case of a smaller angle, you may face problem for having a fine edge as they may get chipped away. So much concentration is needed for your blade sharpening angle.

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04/18/18 10:05 PM Whole Lot of Shakin" Goin" On by hikermor


a cheery headline summarizing this predictive study graced the front page of the LA Times this morning. Basically, while earth movement is inevitable and unavoidable, it is possible to harden infrastructure and buildings to significantly reduce the consequences. While not cheap,such measures would be cost effective.

And,of course, individual preps make a lot of sense...

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04/18/18 12:16 AM Swiss Tech by Jeanette_Isabelle

I did not know this until they arrived in the mail. Mom got each of us one of these:


I put one on my keychain; I wonder, is this thing any good? Tell me what you think.

Jeanette Isabelle

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04/17/18 07:08 PM Canada to finally get a national celluar alert sys by Roarmeister

It took a while but the Feds finally got around to putting together a comprehensive alert system for cell phones. You can't opt out and there is no charge for it. You will hear it unless you have your phone turned off or the sound is disabled. If you have one of the newer smart phones, the alert with its distinctive (and very annoying) tone will be broadcasted. The system will follow your phone and you will only receive alerts for your specific location. (A tornado in Edmonton won't give you an alert in Calgary!) A test of the system will be broadcast on May 5. One question, I haven't found an answer to is "If a visitor to Canada from the US was roaming on a Canadian network, would they also receive the alert?" After all, the signal is being pushed out by the Canadian cellar networks, would it affect all applicable cell phones?

I know we have had other alert systems in place for a while (my local city, my province and the weather network have all had systems in place for at least 2 years) via cell phone and TV but the Feds have finally created the national system. Hopefully, we won't get the false alarms of the type that hit Hawaii over a nuclear threat. smile We also don't have a DEFCON type of alert either.


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04/17/18 11:33 AM DefCon Checklist by wildman800

Hereís my reconstructed DefCon Checklist, for now:

DefCon Checklist

DefCon 5: There is peace throughout the kingdom.
DefCon 4: Hostilities may commence within 72 hours.
DefCon 3: Hostilities may commence within 48 hours.
DefCon 2: Hostilities may commence within 24 hours.
DefCom 1: Hostilities may commence imminently.

DefCon 5: (Normal times)
Maintain the normal pace of everyday life.
Keep building preps and skill levels.

DefCon 4: (72hr warning)
Keep gas tanks above the 1/2 full level.
Make a plan to construct a shelter in the ground or within your home.
Inventory all preps.
Inventory all survival equipment.
Maintain normal schedules for family and self.

DefCon 3: (48 hours warning)
Top off all gas tanks, propane tanks.

Top off food and water supplies.

Postpone any immediate vacations or out of town trips. Reprioritize or reschedule unnecessary events except for medical requirements, and work requirements.

Load camper with potable water, 4 sets of clothes for each person, additional camping gear/supplies, portable lift, DD1 hygiene supplies, Intel files,

Load truck with cargo rack/chairs, genset, propane fuel, battle rattle, 2 day hiking packs,

Move into home: MOPP Gear, emergency food stores,
Prep for relocating: financial records,

DefCon 2 (24 hr warning):
Monitor Current Events
General: top off all gas tanks and cans,

Move to Camper: all emergency cash, financial records, ready hygiene supplies for DD1. All emergency meds, field FAK's, load bicycle,

Home: box all food supplies, Clean all weps, move camper stove & fuels into home, relocate air filtration to home, bring older lift inside,

DefCon 1 (Nuclear attack imminent):
Monitor Current Events

Truck: Load gas stocks,

Home: install air filtration system, have weps ready for skirmishing, construct in home shelter in Living room,

Camper: standing by in case bugging out becomes necessary


What are the priority nuclear targets in any country?

Priority 1: Strategic military installations (missile launch facilities, communications centers, command centers, 5,000 ft or longer runways, etc), Naval ports,

Priority 2: State capitals, major terrestrial transportation junctions (Rivers, canals, ports, interstates, railroads),

Priority 3: Tactical support bases, major metropolitan centers, major manufacturing centers, refineries,

Priority 4:

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