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Yesterday at 10:12 PM 2.5 lb shelter/sleep system,30F-110F, office wear by willpo

without a fire, sleep ok, 20F get thru the night, by exercising or by using the 1/4 lb UCO candle-lantern (beeswax only) includes 1 lb, 50 yds of 2" mesh 6 ft wide gillnet-hammock, the lead line replaced with paracord. I can always tie rocks to the paracord if I need for the net to feed me. We all know that a mylar bag causes horrific levels of condensation, within an hour or so of getting into the bag. I found a way to stop that and to also stop the clamminess and the loss to conduction to the ground. What I use is a 1/4 lb, $20 SOL 2 person Emergency bivvy, and inside of it, I use half of a wally's 12x8 ft absorbent painter's drop cloth (1/2 lb(, made into a 3x8 ft bag. I put full length zippers into all 4 of my bags. The other two bags are also 3x8 ft in size and are 1/4 lb each bugnet bags. If it's cold, I stuff them with dry debris, lay upon one and pull the other one over me, like a blanket. I can wear all of the bags like a poncho, if need be.

Sometimes, I add 2 lbs of "extra" clothing, in the form of a pair of longjohns, 2 oz of wool/blend socks, one spare pair of polyethylene socks (other than what I wear) and a set of Russian winter foot wraps, a large beanie, a neck gaiter, leather gloves and glove liners. This buys me another 10F degrees of warmth. The dropcloth bag has an 18" wide "window" around the zipper, made of clear PEVA shower curtain, so that I can convert my shelter/bag into a Korchanski supershelter, using the radiant heat of a fire or the sun. Naturally,you can also use a discrete Dakota fire pit to heat water or rocks and take them into the sleeping gear with you, which is good for about another 10F degrees, for 2-3 hours. The greenhouse effect is worth 40F degrees diff between dawn and noon, if he sun is bright. That lets me sleep from 11 am to 5pm, using a sedative, sleep mask and ear plugs. Naturally, the bugnet bag offers complete enclosure as I walk and the 2 of them zip together, enclosing me and my hammock. Since all of the bags can be laid out flat, the SOL bivvy can be a rain/sun tarp over the hammock, or my bugnet bag full of debris. If the weather hasn't been consistently, all day below freezing for at least a week, the debris bags have to be smoked-out well before using them, or you'll get bitten by fleas, lice, ticks, spiders, even centipedes on occasion.

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Yesterday at 01:00 PM Outdoorsman Recounts Grizzly Attack by dougwalkabout

From an experienced and passionate outdoorsman: a remarkable and honest account of an attack by a grizzly sow, and the aftermath.


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06/21/19 03:43 PM Secret Life of a Search and Rescue Volunteer by Russ

I was offered this article to read by my browser (Firefox) and thought it worthy to share here.
Secret Life of a Search and Rescue Volunteer

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06/19/19 07:15 AM Regarding emergent communications by WesleyH

I had a thought regarding emergent communications. Considering that the use of a ELTs and personal beacons can sometimes take considerable time to rescue after being activated.

This is predicated on the fact that emergency communications take precedence on any frequency.

Irregardless of where you are, there are usually aircraft, even high altitude jets. As you are on the ground and can see them, they are line of sight. The use of a portable Aircraft Nav/com radio will allow you to contact such aircraft and either declare an emergency or have them let SAR of your situation and location.

Even at an altitude of 35,000 feet, the radio would let you communicate with aircraft overhead.

Such radios as the Yaesu FTA-550AA NAV/COM Aviation Radio can be had for $199, uses 6 AA batteries and transmites 5 watts on the aircraft band. (Roughly 108-136Mhz.)

See: https://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/yaesu-fta-550aa-airband-transceiver.html

Many aircraft as a matter of safety "guard" or moniter the aircraft emergency freq of 121.5. Barring that, knowing what ARTCC (Air Route Traffic Control Center) you are in, can give you the frequency the aircraft are likely on.

See Generally: https://www.cfinotebook.net/notebook/air-traffic-control/air-route-traffic-control-center

Without going into all the details, it should be easy to reach such aircraft, or any SAR aircraft that might be in the area.

While not necessarily optimal, short of having a satellite phone, It could be the next best thing. It would greatly shorten your rescue time in the Continental US of A.

And no, you are not required to have a license if you only use the transmitter in an emergent situation.


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06/17/19 05:19 PM A non camping GHB/ BOB by teacher

I have a different bag with my camping gear (tent, stove entrenching tool.)
But for the most part I'm not going to camp; moving toward home, to a friends or a shelter.

And with this one assumption I can eliminate 2/3 of the weight.

Many commercial kits have a weird assortment of things, too many of some
(hardhat?) and some not near enough (food, batteries, raingear)

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