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02/12/20 01:01 AM Heat Rescue Disaster Recovery by Jeanette_Isabelle

As stated before, I believe in a combination of gear and skills. Given that, I search through a lot of junk on the Internet to find the right equipment. Today I found what appears to be a well-thought-out kit introduced in 2011.


I'm searching for details; it would seem this kit is not available, at least not here in the U.S.

Jeanette Isabelle

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02/09/20 04:52 PM Locusts in Africa by Jeanette_Isabelle

Billions of desert locusts are swarming across eastern Africa—mainly affecting Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia but likely to spread further.

Desert locusts eat all the vegetation they encounter, and the finger-length insects consume an amount equal to their body weight each day. Each square kilometer of swarm can include 40 to 80 million locusts and eat as much food as 35,000 people, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

In addition to destroying crops in a region where nearly 20 million people face food insecurity, swarms also consume the vegetation on cattle grazing land in a matter of hours. To manage the insects, Kenya and Ethiopia are spraying pesticides from airplanes. The countries have about five planes each, but as the locusts spread, there are more of them than the local systems can handle.

Aerial pesticide spraying is the only effective way to combat desert locust swarms, according to the FAO, which is seeking $70 million in aid to support additional efforts to contain the pests. But Somalia, which has declared the swarms an emergency, can’t deploy pesticide-spraying planes because of security concerns in the country, where some areas are controlled by the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab extremist group, per the AP.

The swarms are reaching such an unusual size now because of cyclones that rained on the deserts of Oman last year, the FAO’s senior locust forecasting officer Keith Cressman tells Reuters’ Nita Bhalla.

The next rainy season in eastern Africa will begin in March, which will bring a new wave of vegetation growth and locust breeding. Female locusts only lay their eggs when the ground is damp. While swarming, which is also called their “gregarious” phase, the locusts lay egg pods of about 80 eggs that usually hatch within two weeks. Factoring in hatching and survival rates, each pod leads to about 16 to 20 adult locusts, which mature in two to four months and start the cycle again.

By the time the weather dries up again in June, the FAO estimates that the current population of desert locusts could multiply by a factor of 500. The swarms have already entered Ethiopia’s Rift Valley, according to the FAO’s most recent report, and they are approaching Uganda and South Sudan. -- https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/billions-locusts-are-swarming-east-africa-180974135/

This is just one source. Others get into how they are moving, with most heading east and the rest heading west.

While I have no reason to believe that locusts can somehow cross the Atlantic Ocean, this problem will nevertheless affect the world food supply.

Jeanette Isabelle

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02/04/20 09:50 PM Immediate Response Trauma Care and Emergency Medic by Doug_Ritter

We're doing this again. Working with our good friend and ETS memeber, Alan Romania (bio below), we are making his Immediate Response Trauma Care and Emergency Medical course available to you this coming March in Phoenix. This is similar to a course we did a few years ago that got rave reviews. The details are below, along with links to sign up and hotel info if needed. This course will likely fill up fast, so sign up ASAP!.

Last time we did this as a two-day course. This time we have broken out the Immediate Response Trauma Care into a one-day course ($275) and the other Emergency Medical training into an optional half-day course ($75). That course will be done by Noon and allow out-of-towners to make an afternoon or evening flight home on Sunday. The course location is close to the airport (KPHX – Phoenix Sky Harbor) for our out-of-town friends.

Alan is an incredible instructor (bio below course listing) and a good friend who has worked with me on Equipped To Survive projects and as a Knife Rights board member for over a decade.

As a pilot and flight instructor who flies regularly over inhospitable terrain, I am deeply interested in being prepared for emergencies. The knowledge and skills I learned from Alan Romania in this course a few years ago will be invaluable should I ever find myself at any accident scene. This is an exceptional course, which I look forward to attending again.
– Mike Radomsky

As both an instructor and serial student of wilderness skills, I know how important real experience is. Alan Romania is a guy who has “Been There, Done That” and who is also an excellent teacher, possessed of the clarity and humor needed to get his material delivered and remembered. The Emergency Medical Course I attended was one of the most satisfying student experiences I have ever had. Alan is one of the very few teachers I have had that if he offered a course in Tiddlywinks, I would drive the distance to take it.
– Ethan Becker

There are very limited openings, so sign up ASAP! Sign up link:


Rooms are available at GSA Rate of $145/night through Alan Romania after you register.

Immediate Response Trauma Care
Phoenix, Arizona – Saturday, March 28, 2020
(8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
Arizona Grand Resort
8000 South Arizona Grand Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85044

If you are a shooter, hunter or outdoor enthusiast, you should know how to deal with a traumatic injury. Bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death from traumatic injuries. In these cases the difference between life and death is stopping the bleeding within moments after an injury. Otherwise, death can result before 9•1•1 responders arrive. During violent incidents, incidents with multiple patients or in a remote location, the need for these lifesaving skills is even greater. This course will prepare you to quickly provide military and EMS-proven effective lifesaving treatment of traumatic injuries. This course includes hands-on training. The course will cover:

* Equipment: What you need, why you need it and how to carry your medical supplies (you will leave with a professional-grade Essentials Trauma Kit™)
* Trauma scene assessment and safety
* Rapid assessment of trauma patients
* Bleeding control including use of hemostatic agents and tourniquets (including improvisation)
* Recognition, management and treatment of chest trauma
* Patient positioning and movement
* Recognition and management of shock
* Triage of multiple patients

Students will receive a "STOP THE BLEED" certificate upon course completion.

Students will be provided with all materials and supplies needed for the course. Students will also be provided with:

* Blue Trainer SOF® (Wide) Tourniquet Gen 4 (This will be used in training, but it is the student's to keep for future practice.)
* Essentials Trauma Kit™ including SOF® (Wide) Tourniquet Gen 4 and professional-grade pressure bandage, occlusive dressing, and trauma shears (The contents of this kit will not be used in training, identical supplies will be provided for training.)

(Sunday, March 29 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon)

* High Performance CPR and Children and Infant CPR meeting current AHA guidelines (certificates of completion will provided)

Doug's NOTE: If you have not taken a CPR course in the last 5 years, you are likely relying on outdated techniques that are significantly less successful at saving lives than current techniques. Even if you've taken a recent CPR course, unfortunately, AHA hasn't made the new techniques mandatory and some courses continue to use outdated and less effective techniques. If you were taught rescue breathing for ADULT CPR, than you are out-of-date.

* Medical Emergencies
* Burn Injuries
* Environmental Emergencies
* Bites and Envenomation

Students will be done at 12:00 Noon. Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX) airport is approximately 15-20 minutes away depending upon airline.

There are limited openings, so sign up ASAP! Sign up link:


Chief Instructor Alan Romania:

Alan Romania is a professional Fire Captain/Paramedic working on a busy Advanced Life Support Engine Company in the Metro Phoenix, Arizona, area. He also serves as a Threat Liaison Officer between the Fire Department and Law Enforcement. With over two decades of firefighting and EMS experience, including as a Wildland Firefighter, Alan has worked in both urban and rural communities and in the wilderness setting.

In addition to his full time job with the fire department, Alan has been providing initial training and continuing education for paramedics since 2004. He is currently a lead instructor for the Paramedic Education Program at a local community college. He is a certified instructor for International Trauma Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Cardiac Life Support (CPR), Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Wilderness First Responder/First Aid.

Since 2011, as member of Soter Global Ministries, Alan has also been teaching Emergency Medical Care, Rescue and Fire Operations in Albania and Colombia to develop more effective first responders. He currently serves on Soter Global Ministries' Board of Directors as Vice President

Alan was formerly the president of DCB Medical/Kachina Rescue which provided medical services for outdoor events including mountain bike races, ultra-marathons and triathlons throughout the Southwest.

Alan is also a founding Director of Knife Rights and Knife Rights Foundation.

Alan is an Ironman Triathlon finisher, mountain biker, backpacker and advanced shooter. He and his wife are proud parents of twins, a boy and girl.

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02/03/20 07:50 PM Planning for 30 days of food. by teacher

Thinking about food storage, etc.
What would you get? (types of food)
Where would you but it?
where would you store it?

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02/01/20 07:18 PM WA man lost in the Outback reveals how he survived by Doug_Ritter


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