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Yesterday at 12:48 AM A Bit Old, But Still A VERY Good Read by KenK

I restumbled upon a blog article written by Peter Kummerfeldt quite a while ago (Tuesday, January 22, 2013) titled "SURVIVAL TRUTHS".

To read the article, go to http://outdoorsafe.blogspot.com/

Scroll down maybe 1/4 of the way until you find the article"SURVIVAL TRUTHS".

I first read about Peter Kummerfeldt in an article in Boy's Life magazine (a magazine published by Boy Scouts of America), and I liked what he had to say.

Ever since I read his blog article linked above it has become my primary survival related philosophy. I just think it makes sense for my lifestyle. Your mileage may vary.

Peter Kummerfeldt used to run a website called https://outdoorsafe.com/ , but that site looks very different now, with no mention of Peter Kummerfeldt. Maybe he retired and sold the site. If so, good for him!!

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10/28/20 10:55 PM Who do you follow online? (youtube, etc.) by TeacherRO

Which channels - Blogs, teachers, youtubers do you follow for good information, reviews, etc?

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10/25/20 10:03 PM Another missing hiker in a National Park by hikermor

Hre we go again. A hiker missing in Mt Rainier NP for two weeks has yet to be located. Family desires search to be continued when conditions allow.


Mt. Rainier isn't Zion, even in the lower country, not by a long shot....

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10/19/20 12:12 AM Hiker missing for two weeks in Zion found alive! by Phaedrus

Wow, great news! A woman who'd been missing in Mount Zion National Park was just found alive! As usual the news story had very little detail, and stories like this tend to get bumped down the page by the news cycle but I would like to learn more! Family said she's an experienced hiker (but it seems like everyone that's ever spent a night camping is called an 'experienced hiker' by the media) but it's kind of unusual to see someone found alive after so long. Clearly she did a lot of things right to have survived!

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10/15/20 11:19 PM Kessler Syndrome by Blast


It's been known for a long time that there's a lot of junk in orbit. If two big pieces hit even more junk is created, all traveling at extremely high speeds. Back in 1978 the NASA scientist Donald Kessler started pointing this problem out and how it could eventually render certain popular orbit uninhabitable by satellites.

On Oct. 16th, 2020 two large pieces of space debris with a combined weight of over 6,000 lbs have (at latest calculation) a 20% of colliding. Close calls like this apparently happen several times a year. A hit wouldn't immediately result in other satellites being destroyed. The effects would be gradual at first but then accelerate as impacts released more and more debris. Normally I'm a big fan of exponential explosions but this sort of cascade could cause far-reaching technological issues. Perhaps Elon Musk should spend some time cleaning up space in addition to launching more stuff.

Anyway, just something else for y'all to think about.

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