Save your life by making sure you have your cell phone with GPS on you at all times. Wowee, yet another way to bypass natural selection.

Death to Toaster's problem was solved by jerry rigging his Onstar antenna (congradulations on that by the way, its not everyone who'll rip the ceiling out of a $40,000 car to do what he needs too), but it was also created by reliance on another gadget namely the electronic navigation system on his car.
...following the NAV system on our GMC Yukon Denali and forgot to shut off the service road options.

Map and compass wouldn't haven't gotten him out of the situation, but an up to date map and a few minutes of route planning could easily have prevented it.

I'd also like to know how search and rescue reacted when they arrived. Were you truely in a life threatening situation? Or just in risk of having to spend and uncomfortable night in your car? Did you need SAR or AAA?

I know I'm being rough (not specifically at Death to Toasters, he's just a ready example and I am impressed by his willingness to treat his truck as an object he can tear apart if he needs to), but seriously we've got to pay more then lip service to the idea that the mind is the most important survival tool. Its impressive to hear about someone who's will to live let them cut their own arm off to survive. What's more impressive is the people who's mind recognizes danger and gives them a chance to go around it.
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