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At least you have a chance to improve the odds for next time. Sometimes, folks get into situations that don't work out as well, and don't have a chance to "be better prepared next time". I get the feeling that you will, and that's a good thing.

Regarding OnStar, I have it also, and in my case, my home cellular service that OnStar is using is from Verizon. The minutes for my phone are actually shared with the truck. I believe, as others have mentioned, that OnStar relies on Cellular for any voice communication. The new ones are all digital, so even if there's analog cellular available, I don't think you'll have full OnStar.

Yes that is true I am more motivated and dedicated to be more prepared.

About the OnStar Verizon situation.

The Cellular service of Onstar, when you want to make a phone call from it, goes over the verizon network, but I don't believe the actual Onstar service runs off of that. I believe that is two way communication through satellite, but I maybe incorrect.
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