Actually, no they are not. I called the 9-1-1 dispatch center and Verizon here in SOCAL last year when the James Kim family was lost in Oregon. Neither are set up to process the GPS info from the cellphone. Verizon has no plans to do so, not their job; the GPS was put in the phones, that was Verizon and the other cell phone companies' job. The equipment to access the GPS data is supposed to be a government thing, but unless your local LE has funded the dispatch centers to buy the equipment, the GPS info goes nowhere.

Note that in the cases up in OR last year, the cell phone company engineers did a tedious triangulation of cell towers in an attempt to localize the pings. My cell phone has aGPS and should be able to provide a Lat-Long, but nobody is listening. Maybe CTU on "24" can do it, but they keep it to themselves unless your a terrorist wink It sounds like the dispatch center this lady dialed into was funded and has the equipment on line. The guy I spoke to out here never heard of it.

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