If you're like me, you always have a trusty every-day carry knife with you. And you'd like to have a just-as-reliable multitool on your belt every day.

But the blade(s) in the multitool are super-redundant because you wouldn't be caught alive or dead without your EDC knife. And you'd like a smaller, lighter multitool because carrying that much hardware can be a bit annoying at times.

Given the choice between carrying your multitool or your knife, you'd pick the knife every time because it's far more ergonomic (and therefore far safer) and far more versatile at cutting.

So, like me, you're looking for an EDC multitool that's the perfect complement for your EDC knife--a set-up that allows you to: 1) carry just the knife when you need to travel light; 2) carry both the knife and the multitool most of the time; and 3) carry just the multitool when knives aren't allowed.


I'm currently carrying a late-model Leatherman Charge Ti with my Mini RSK. The Charge is perfect in terms of build quality and tool complement but is a bit overkill in terms of weight and blades. It also doesn't pass through security checkpoints--which means that when I stop by to repair the computers at many Los Angeles businesses, I have to walk in "naked" without either a knife or my multitool.

What I'm looking for is essentially a "repairman's multitool" or "electrician's multitool" that I can carry in addition to my knife. The perfect multitool for me would have:

needlenose pliers
hard and soft wire cutters
wire stripper
small and large bit drivers
fold-out 1/4" square stud for standard 1/4" drive socket wrench tools
reliable locks on all fold-out tools

I've left off the survival tools like bottle/can openers, files, etc. just to keep the weight down.

Anybody have any recommendations on a multitool that even approaches this concept? If Leatherman offered the wirestripper and the fold-out 1/4" drive socket wrench stud, I'd disassemble my Charge and customize it myself!

Thanks in advance,