I’ve started practicing general “bushcraft” using my RSK Mk1 mini folder. So far so good, but I plan to have a fixed blade for non-city EDC. As that’s where I’m more likely to need bushcraft, I figure I should practice with my fixed blade. Which one to get???

I have my field narrowed to four:

Ritter RSK Mk3 (http://www.equipped.org/rsk_mk3.htm)

Swamprat Howling Rat (www.shop.ratknives.com/displayProductDocument.hg?productId=68&categoryId=1)

Grohmann #1 (http://www.grohmannknives.com/pages/r1s.html)

Grohmann #3 (http://www.grohmannknives.com/pages/r3s.html)

Which one would you choose?