Has anyone been able to, or thought about adding to/modifying their Leatherman Wave? After carrying a SA Champ for almost 15 years, I've finally switched over to a Wave only for the real pliers. Along with the usual tools, I've found the pliers to be truly helpful; I've tightened some copper fittings, fixed the wire on an electric fence, and retightened my daughters seat after she made a skin donation to the parks department when trying to avoid a stick on the trail. But I do miss some of the features that the SAK had, such as the ruler, pen, straight pin and magnifying glass. But question to the group, what mods have you done, or would like to do to your Wave? There has to be something else I/we can do to customize this tool for your individual tastes. Maybe a meeting of the minds here could help us out.<br><br>The only things I've accomplished so far are using a Dremel tool to make the lanyard hole a little bigger to be able use 550 cord and added a sewing needle inside the handle. The needle is attached with a small 7mm x 15mm magnet (strong flexible refrigerator type) placed against the handle in front of the can/bottle opener. Stays in great, and a light tap, when the handles are open, gets the needle out. So far I haven't experienced it falling out while in my pocket. And I hope not. Now I've added a splinter remover, sewing needle, and emergency compass to my Wave. I've also tried to shave down a Zippo flint to get it small enough to try to store it in the Wave somewhere but no luck so far. <br><br>So what ye say? Anyone else tried to see how more versatile you can make your Wave?
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