Sure, an armoured, camo'ed 4by with spots, IR, hard points, firing ports, and minigun mounts looks cool in a video game, but in reality, something that gets great fuel milage, has a large load capacity, extremely quiet, easily transportable, and just the thing for transporting lightly injured people, you might consider purchasing a gas powered golf cart.

*They get 75+ mpg, and run just fine on old skunky, treated gas.

*Often seen hauling 2-4 large golfers with bags, over steep terrain on slick tires, without spilling their beer.

*Can't hear them running full speed from 25 feet away.

*Have a range of 500+ miles on a full tank.

*Will smoothly haul two open 5 gallon buckets of water in the bag floor.. or 8 stacked bales.

*Wide tires with low psi to load ratio don't leave a trail to follow, even short golf course grass springs back up in minutes.

*Smooth, quiet, floating movement, golf carts are legendary for approaching wild game within a few feet.

*Incredibly handy as a step saver, hauling tools, produce, feed, kids or what have you, around a homestead, campsite, firing range, patrol area, or festival/market venue.

*Easy to operate.

You might consider that everyone knows what a gun case looks like. Pretty hard to disguise what's in THAT bag you're carring...
But that old Titelist Tour bag with all the pockets, the Callaway Hooters bag for 5 dollars on eBay, a garage sale vinyl bag with a few old clubs thrown in for 50 cents.......
Looks pretty innocuous on the back of a cart while someone's doing a bit of yard work or checking out something, or for that matter, carried from a house to a car trunk.

The point is, a highly practical emergency vehicle is sometimes better off if it doesn't look like one, and a gas golf cart is a wonderful device. I have used one to quietly catch and castrate baby calves in the morning, play 18 holes in the afternoon, and check fence and haul fishing tackle down to the pond and back in the evening.

In an urban emergency, I could see one being used to haul fuel and generator to a new location, patrol a neighborhood, deliver food, haul water, collect rations, pull a trailer, move the elderly, while quietly sipping a thimble full of gasoline, for months at a time.