I'm rather new to teh survial "stuff" and can only imagine how unprepared i am. I want to prepare a home type survival. I've read through the lists on teh site, but do have a question about storage adn what you type of food you keep.

1. How much do you keep? I live in Texas, and tornado season is around teh corner as well as thunderstorm season with possible power loss. It is just my wife, puppy and myself.
2. What do you keep as food. I was going the route of non perisable canned goods and a few mre's
3. What's teh best type of water storage? Gallon jugs, 5 gallon jugs? Liters? How much do you keep?
4. Where do you kep it? garage? in study?
5. I think i'm going to create a spreadsheet of expiration dates and what not, i figure before it goes bad, donate it to a shelter or something.