Yes, -I've recently read about it's now entering the Amur River, (a major World Class river!, -for those unfamiliar, -No mere brooklet!), -which serves as much of that area's Russian / Chinese border. The Nenets tribespeople of the area, as you say, -are mad as heck! Or certainly mighty Displeased! (Asians often don't "pop off into emotionalism", -like many of we do here in the West. Differing Cultural Values, etc.).

So much of their Lifestyle, -is so heavily dependant, -on Amur Fish. And now they're being told not to eat Amur fish, -for a year!

However, -a river such as the Amur, (which can Stand Respectfully shoulder to shoulder with say our Mississippi / Missourri !), -doubtless has many tributaries. (Some, such as the Shilka and several others, -are Great Rivers in their own right!). Tribs right down to the smallest brooks. Of which there must be many, -in that Great Siberian Forest.

Thus Water, -as well as *other* fish, -can surely be aquired from those! Though Amur Class fish won't be available in all of them.

I lament what has happened to the Amur (a personally Beloved World River of mine!) (Something Belovedly Great even in it's very Name!), -from someone else upstream.

But when it comes down to Brass Tacks Survival, -I don't see what the catastrophic Survival Situation is! The Amur again, is far from the area's *only* Great and Pristine River! Those Fine Outdoors Folks will be visiting *other* riverbanks soon enuff. And as with our own Alaska's Prince William Sound and Mt St' Helens, -the Amur itself will Heal Up! And Magnificently!

Along this general line, -our Pittsgurgh Zoo has an Excellent Asian Forest exhibit! Replicating precisely that Amur River area! Our Northeast U.S. Forest, -and that Southeast Siberian / Manchurian / Korean Forests, -are in very many ways Very Similar! As the Exhibit makes a point of mentioning. (I understand also that our entire Appalachians in general, -to which I am quite near!, -shares a lot of Plantlife Similarity, -with this Asian and Amur Forest!).

This Outstanding Exhibit may be a "so so pass thru" area to many here at our Zoo, (Sadd!), -but it's by a Good Ways my personal Favorite!,

By the way, -its *not* all Asian and Amur Plantlife there! Great and Enjoyable as that is! We also have here a Siberian Tiger! [color:"black"] [/color] [color:"black"] [/color] [email]Arney[/email]
"No Substitute for Victory!"and"You Can't be a Beacon if your Light Don't Shine!"-Gen. Douglass MacArthur and Donna Fargo.