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xbanker was suggesting a camera bag as a PSK container. I went to the local dollar store and bought a cheap 3$ (canadian dollars) made-in-China camera bag. I gotta admit that I like the idea. Here are the plus and minuses after completing the build :

+ three pockets total in bag : MUCH easier to find items and resupply kit
+ adjustable shoulder strap and belt loop! Easier to carry
- not 100% waterproof like the Lock & Lock container, still water resistant though

Camera bag kit :

-- Main compartment --
Mini Maglite w/Nite Ize 3 LED + tailcap switch upgrade (Until I find a Photon locally, this will be the flashlight I will carry. I still like the idea of carrying a larger flashlight)
Survival blanket
3" candle
15' steel wire
3' duct tape
6 small cable ties
Fox40 micro w/lanyard
Mini Bic (electrical tape rolled around it)
Coghlan water purifier tablets (in original bottle)
Two 3x5 cards
Small pencil
Gerber Mini-paraframe
Bobber tiny LED light (20+ hour)

-- interior mesh pocket --
5 Bandaids
Poviodine (sp?) ointment
2"x2" gauze pad
4 12-hour Sudafed
6 Benadryl
6 Loperamide (Immodium)
6 Ibuprofen

-- interior zippered mesh pocket --
20+ matches in a tiny plastic bag (Ziploc-alike)
2 pieces of 2" Coghlan Tinder Sticks
Sewing machine bobbin w/strong nylon thread
2 safety pins
1 sewing needle
Razor blade
Fishing kit (3 sinkers, 4 hooks, muddler minnow fly, red felt square)

Previous Lock & Lock kit :

Comments are very welcome! Bzzzzzz to all,

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