I've got a Fat Boy S, an M2 pouch, and a 4" tube sheath. My idea was to put either my Wave or my Inova x-5 in the sheath and mount it on the strap, and to put my hard-core outdoor survival gear in the pounch, and mount it on the 'rear' strap. It turned out that the FatBoy holds so much, the accessory pouches are redundant. They are all wonderful. They are very thoughtfully desinged, and extremely well made. There have been some attacks upon the politics of the company on other sites, but even if they are made by starving pygmies forced to use HMOs, i'ts good gear.

I've about boiled my replacement pack decision down to a MaxPed Condor, or a Camelback Motherlode. Any comments? There is a $40.00 Condor knock off on Cheaper Than Dirt, but I think you get what you pay for.