I'm sure many have heard the news by now that there were more London bonbings. I work for a large global company who lost a couple employees to the last one so we had an evacuation drill a bit ago. Our Evacuation plans all say to meet in the parking lots so everyone did that then a few went under the garages (two level detached from the buildings) to escape the head. Well the security gaurds drove around and yelled at everyone to get out of the garages and stand on top of them in case the cars were to have a bomb in them. So of course one guy asks what good that would do since we would be standing right next to the cars on top of the garages which could have a bomb in them, or if a car explodes in the garage we would get hurt falling on top of it. Security gaurds didn't like that very much, but it goes to show how the people in charge haven't always thought of everything and don't always communicate what they want very well which is why you should make plans for yourself.
If it were a real emergency (i.e. I smelled smoke, heard a blast or thought my life were endangered in any way) I would have thrown a chair through the window and rapelled down the 4 floors via cat 5 cable <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />