Here's what I learned:

1. Wear your comfy sweatsuit that doesn't contain metal.
2. Ask for a blanket if they don't offer one. They offered one and I accepted. It was chilly in there.
3. Ask your doctor for a prescription for Valium if you are nervous or fidgety. Take one tablet one hour before you are supposed to be there. I did and it worked. I didn't fidget at all.
4. Bring foam ear plugs with you and use them. The inside of an MRI is noisy in addition to being chilly.
5. Because of the Valium, have someone drive you to your appointment and home afterwards.
6. The MRI people were kind, considerate, and thoughtful. The exact opposite of what my mom told me. So wherever the devil she went for her MRI, I'm never going there.

Thanks to everyone here who offered suggestions and observations.

Next up: a botox injection to see if it will prevent migraines. The surprise here is, my insurance has approved it