Pants and a three pack of underwear for me from Cabelas. Got a new pair of tires for the bike and swapped those on, made sure my brakes were all adjusted center so no dragging. Took apart a spare front wheel I got on Craigslist and cleaned and re-greased it and put it back together with the same number of bearings on each side (someone else must seems to have added and extra to one side) then put one of my other tires on it so I have one whole spare wheel now. Re-packed my toolkit finding that my tires patches must have came out when I unpacked it to loan a hex wrench to another rider on the trail and didn't pack it back up right apparently. So I ordered some patches. One of the water bottle holders had broken so I ordered a pair and swapped both. Doing better about exercising now. I also broke my gopro mount when I was trying to get the tool kit back in place and was wanting to re-print it in ABS anyway but I still can't get ABS to not warp so I ended up using one of those services where someone else prints stuff for you, we'll see how it goes. I guess my cheap little printer isn't quite up to doing ABS. This is my mount Since I take my camebak everywhere I keep the gopro there and made that mount that goes in place of the sternum strap mount so the sternum strap holds it steady and I don't have to wear another piece of gear.

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