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I'm guessing that those of us who live in First World countries won't lack food. Food may cost more, so this coming "food shortage" will feel like a rise in living expenses.

I agree, the USA is a net food exporter so significant food shortages seem most improbable, though it is well to be prepared just in case.
Short term or localised shortages due to supply chain issues are possible at any time. As are shortages of speciality imported foods.

Fertiliser is very expensive and may be in short supply. Crops can be grown with less fertiliser but yields will suffer and prices will increase.

Labour costs are rising which will increase food prices.

Modern farming uses a lot of diesel fuel, and sometimes other fuels. Rising fuel prices again increase retail prices.

I urge keeping a good supply of long life foods, in case of any unforeseen emergency, but doubt that it will be needed unless some emergency occurs IN ADDITION to that presently foreseen.