This is per Debra Dickinson’s YouTube Channel. She and other members of their Nomad Tribe had to flee from the Pipeline Wildfire a few days ago. Here, with Debra’s permission, is her checklist for camping in areas with a burn ban in effect:

1) Always be ready to roll, quickly. (Break camp and move).

2) Limit your camp sprawl. (Keep those items out that you need, stow what is not being used)

3). Top off all fuels (gas, diesel, propane, etc) before you get to your campsite and when you go to town for more supplies.

4). Know the Emergency Evacuation Routes from your campsite. (2 different routes is the minimum).

5). Don’t “box yourself” into your camp. Have your vehicle pointed towards the exit route.

6). Know where you can go to next (destination) if you must leave quickly.

DISCLAIMER: I know very little about wildfires and nothing about western forestry. This lady has a great deal of experience.

Watch Debra’s last 2 videos to get the entire context of the events and of her checklist items.

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