We have a whole house generator that runs on natural gas. When we first built our retirement home power outages were a somewhat common event, and with a well and septic system we decided that the cost was justifiable.

All of our communication (internet, phone, TV) comes & goes via satellite dishes. In the middle of a big rain/snow storm there is no communication. We have to find out if a landline phone service is even available here.

Here in northest Wisconsin even weather radio reception is marginal. Sometimes we'll get alerts, but most of the time we don't.

Oddly enough the state passed one of the largest legislative bills ever to provide broadband access to rural areas. A wireless broadband tower was built less than a mile north of us, but the trees completely block access, and I have no interest in building or maintaining a 100+ foot tall tower.

Even Elon Musk's system won't work here given the tree canopy. I've been told it'll work if we put the antenna on the peak of the roof, but I won't go on our roof to maintain it, so that's a no go.