1) Please donít use any version of Windows that canít be kept up to date with security patches. Currently Microsoft supports Windows 10 and 11 for desktop/laptop operating systems. If you absolutely must use an earlier version of Windows, it should be disconnected utterly and permanently from the Internet. There is no way to run unsupported versions of Windows safely with any kind of Internet connection.

I have Windows 7 on a desktop computer that is disconnected from the internet. It was working beautifully until we moved stuff around the house, and is now having glitches. I don't know what happened there, but that is another issue.

Back to the laptop, any ideas what could cause such a sudden change in resolution ? It was great until the moment I was writing something on a notepad and noticed the change in the laptop screen. Initially thought it was one of those times, and would only need a restart. But it is a different story this time. Can it be a graphics card problem ?