That is the cutest survival kit I have seen.

Lots of good sanitation stuff and moral booster touches.

Are the insect repellent stickers worthwhile?

Pictures of loved ones. Reminds me of SAR colleague who kept photos of every wife and girlfriend he had ever had in his SAR pack. When he would demonstrate what was in his pack he would pull out a clear plastic multifold picture wallet that would drop down to show photos of 10 women.

While a climbing helmet or bike helmet might be better protection for side impact, the bump cap with strap could always stay with the pack, not have to be returned after each bike trip or climbing expedition. They make good basins for washing and water collecting too, better than helmets with vent holes. Add reflective stickers.

Good protection from wet weather-raincoat, umbrella, picnic ground sheet, sit pad. Must be a warm climate- fan and little insulating clothing.