The USCG (below) proposed last December[1] to drop USCG certification of liferaft signal mirrors in favor of vendor self-certification to ISO 18813 paragraph 4.23. I can't find ISO 18813 paragraph 4.23 anywhere[2] - does anyone know what it requires? Specifically in the area of aiming aids?


All lifeboats and inflatable liferafts are required to carry a signaling mirror approved by the Coast Guard under approval series 160.020, using the “USCG Specification for Signaling Mirrors for Merchant Vessels” issued in October 1944. This proposed rule would update § 199.175(b)(19) and make two changes to the current requirements. First, the Coast Guard proposes to change the standard for signaling mirrors to the requirements in ISO 18813 paragraph 4.23. Second, this proposed rule would remove the requirement for the Coast Guard to issue a COA and replace it with the requirement for the manufacturer to self-certify that their equipment meets the requirements outlined in ISO 18813. The requirements in ISO 18813 provide the same safety standards as the 1944 Coast Guard specification, but would allow for more flexibility in meeting the requirements. The 1944 Coast Guard specification requires the mirror to be rectangular; ISO 18813 allows the mirror to be any shape provided the reflective surface meets the minimum area requirements."


[2] That's not entirely true - apparently I need to pay $171 for the privilege of seeing the actual requirement, but the section headers are available for view at:
ICO 18813 Paragraph 4.23 Signal MIrror Spec Section Headers

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A signal mirror should backup a radio distress signal, like a 406 MHz PLB (ACR PLB) (Ocean Signal PLB)