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I'm cheerfully clueless as to the energy inefficiency of using a vehicle + invertor versus a dedicated generator. Would you have the time to share some hard data on the subject or a website one might be directed to?
For some /many folks the additional cost, storage and ongoing preventative maintenance needs and space needed for a separate generator are deal makers/breakers.

I am respectful of the financial considerations. These are very real for many people.

What I was trying to say is that running a large engine to power a relatively tiny alternator and battery means that a lot of gas is burned for a relatively small amount of electricity. That's the inefficiency I was talking about. A generator is designed to be much more efficient.

In a pinch, that doesn't matter so much. As I said, I keep a pure sine inverter that can connect to my vehicles, so I can connect the dots if I have to, efficiency be damned.