I usually EDC a Whirl pak bag and chlorine dioxide based water purification tablets in wazoo cache belt. If I'm deliberately going outdoors I'll usually throw a folded up 1L Evernew and same tablets in cargo pocket among some other items in case I get separated from my bag (on the boat I'm often not wearing it)

My bag will have the full gamut (metal container, water filter, extra evernew bottles, purification tablets, hydration bladder etc). Still using a sawyer mini but might look into Katadyn Befree and CNOC bladder next time as they apparently have a much better flow rate, but it also has a non standard thread and a larger stored diameter. It should be noted that I'm not a thru-hiker and I don't use the filter regularly, it's more of an emergency item. If it was an every day thing I may prioritize flow rate over compactness

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