I am, of course, aware that Fenix does not manufacture the batteries; however, I don't think the price of their branded batteries is unreasonable, and the flashlight and battery market is filled will fraudulent product. I prefer to purchase directly from a source that can be trusted to provide authentic product and stand behind it. High capacity Li-ion batteries are potentially dangerous. I'll stick with Fenix and continue to buy directly from the company. It won't be long before they have another sale.

If you want to take risks with your batteries, that's your business.

The USB-C charging cradle I am talking about is not "just a cable", it is the updated version of the current micro-USB model Fenix sells.

And I disagree that the rotary switch mechanism is a superior UI. I don't like lights that need two hands to operate, especially not for a light that is intended for self-defense. I also specifically do not want a light with a built in charger or a charging port. On top of which, the PD40R v2.0 has fewer brightness modes and less runtime even at the same brightness levels as the PD36 TAC.

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