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In the future, I plan to buy at least one more Fenix ARB-L21-5000U battery, and a Fenix USB-C charging cradle (not yet shipping) for it that can also be used to turn the battery into a backup cell phone charger. I didn't want to shell out the money for a second battery this week, but having only the one battery shouldn't be much of a problem initially.

You don't have to buy the ultra expensive Fenix-labelled batteries which are manufactured by other companies anyway. Look at or for similar batteries at much lower prices. These are pretty good bets:


On illumn try coupon BLFUser for 5% discount. I don't know of coupons for liionwholesale but maybe there are some.

I'm unfamiliar with the usb-c cradle but I suspect it's just a cable?

You could look at the PD40R 2.0 which has a rotary brightness selector, a much superior UI in my opinion to any pushbutton one:

Alternatively, look on for "Anduril" open source lights, which give you a tremendous amount of freedom to configure the interface the way you like it, through a bunch of complicated click patterns (but you would normally only do that once, with the manual in your hand, as you are basically customizing the light to your preference in order to leave it that way) or by flat out changing the software (upgrades are available now and then). is the main discussion site for this type of light, I think.

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