Countycomm has GITD tape:

I don't know how it compares with the professional stuff that Herman30 mentions, but I've found that even not-so-great GITD stuff works pretty well.

I've instead been wanting to get some of these little markers, which have been out of stock for a while, but will supposedly come back sometime: is supposed to be a good source of high quality GITD powder, which is strontium aluminate with other exotic materials like yttrium added. GITD markers and the like are made by mixing the powder with epoxy resin, letting it harden, and slicing it up. I have no idea of the toxicity of the powder and for now am reluctant to mess with it. I'd rather get ready-made-markers, maybe even the kind in sealed glass vials.

I haven't felt the need to mark out stuff in my room with GITD tape since there's always a flashlight near my bed, and enough stray light that I can find a light switch when dark adapted without stumbling around too much.

For tritium, search on "glowring". The green color is by far the brightest and most visible for a given size vial. Be careful to keep the vial well protected since they are breakable. They are relatively expensive and these days I think I'd rather use GITD stuff in most situations due to lower hassle. I have a headlamp with a GITD holder and I can easily find it at night even though it's just sitting in my room, not getting daylight or anything like that.

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