Keys (Resqme Escape Tool and Tweezers)
Wallet (Mini ink pen in the crease of the wallet)
Knife (Benchmade Mini Grip 555BK)
Pepper Spray (Sabre red baton)
Lighter (Bic Mini)
Flashlight (Klarus XT1A (normal) or Streamlight Microstream + 10440 (minimal)
Sidearm (P365 + Spare Magazine (Normal) or P3AT (Minimal))

Wazoo Cache Belt
-Signal mirror
-1L whirlpak bag + 4 micropur tablets
-Brass sparker + tinder quik in tiny ziplock bag
-Short microUSB cable
-Lightning and USB-C adapter tips in baby ziplock bag
-MicroSD card + USB adapter in tiny ziplock bag
-Countycomm SERE Compass in tiny ziplock bag
-1 pair nitrile gloves in tiny ziplock bag
-emergency cash

May add some fishing hooks + leaders taped under the signal mirror. I wish Wazoo would come out with the same design but with 1.75" width instead of 1.5", would be a lot easier to have some first aid stuff in there like BZK wipes.

Normally I wear Tru Spec 24/7 khakis which include cargo pockets, so I will typically carry a vacuum sealed IFAK in the right cargo pocket. If I'm wearing jeans, I'll just have some nitrile gloves, but looking into an ankle setup.

Left cargo pocket is usually free to stuff misc items in depending on what I'm doing, for instance if I'm on a call out on the water I'll usually carry a palmer furnace hypothermia shelter in there for spring / fall / winter, cliff bar, etc. If I were just hiking in the woods, would probably also slip my PSK in there. If for some reason I wasn't wearing the cargo pants outdoors I'd grab the waist pack for this.

Holosun is G2G IMO.

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