For years now, I've been reading that emergency beacon receivers on medium earth orbit satellites (GPS/Galileo/GLONASS satellites) will improve the detection time of PLBs/EPIRB distress signals, a capability referred to as MEOSAR.

According to the NOAA page ( MEOSAR) ), there has been some limited capability since 2016.

However, as of last December, four years later, I'm told the system is still not at "Full Operational Capability": MEOLUTs update bringing the Medium Earth...apability (FOC)

Can someone comment on the current and expected status of the MEOSAR system?

All the pages I've seen refer to this as a capability that "will be coming" (e.g., MEOSAR knowledge center )
A signal mirror should backup a radio distress signal, like a 406 MHz PLB (ACR PLB) (Ocean Signal PLB)