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I few years ago, I posted something like this, but I'm posting again.

Go turn your Wifi off. Put your phone into "Airplane Mode"

Now, what's the phone number for the local Red Cross Chapter?
How do you get to the nearest hospital.
Where is that funny picture of your kids?

If you can't get to this - or other important information, you're not equipped.

I like apps that SYNCH with the cloud (internet) but don't REQUIRE the cloud.

This means: Chromebooks are a non-starter.
Dropbox, Onedrive and similar cloud storage: GOOD but ONLY if you configure them to ALWAYS SYNCH EVERY THING TO YOUR LOCAL MACHINE (don't use "smart synch" stuff that "downloads as you need things")

But in general, be ready for "offline" use of your tech.

I had to deal with something similar not to long ago. The home modem went out on December 30th. No videos, no online games, tech got pushed back to the mid 90's. I was quite happy. The kids, being addicted to various electronic games, weren't. Now, if I could just arrange for the cable to go out...

FWIW, I do have the number for the local red cross in my evacuation document bag as part of my emergency contacts. Dead tree media is still the most reliable in a crunch
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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