I discussed what I'm doing with Mom. I'm building a one-person survival system as a proof of concept. If we like it, I will expand it to include her.

The one-person system consists of a backpack and a duffle bag. Other than adding the PSP, which I have, The SEVENTY2, which I currently have, will remain unmodified. That will be the backpack part of the system.


I'm using the Complete as a model but I won't be using it as is.


Instead, I'm getting the Skeleton, with the submersible bag, sleeping bag, and Inferno with fuel canisters.



In the hydration organizer, I'm including water packets and water purification tablets. I'm including a 10-Litre Foldable Water Storage Container in the duffle bag but not in the hydration organizer.


In the nutrition organizer, I'm including six freeze-dried meals and a camping multi-tool.


In the essentials organizer, I'm including a poncho, Three Wick 36HR Candle, tissue pack, a roll of duct tape in addition to what I have in the backpack, playing cards, GI can opener, Emergency Preparedness Guidebook (maybe), and a pencil.


I will include a two-person hygiene kit but I don't know if I will have it in the essentials organizer or separate.


I'm also including a roll of toilet paper, but it won't be in the organizer.

Jeanette Isabelle
“Birds of a feather sure know how to clip each other’s wings, huh?” Lutz, Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 2 Volume 4