Changed over to winter tires last weekend; changed the auto transmission fluid; I can't believe I waited this long to do this. Checked the 5-yr old car battery - I should be able to carry one more winter out of this one. Charged up my car starter batter pack nevertheless.

Repacked my winter BOB. Put extra gloves & tuque in the car; put my shoe traction aides in the driver side panel where I can immediately get to them. Removed water bottles from side doors (water doesn't drink well when its frozen!)

I still need to replace my snow shovel; the one I have has a broken plastic collar. And I need to get a spare key cut to replace one that was lost.

A major winter storm will roll in this Sunday/Monday on the prairies - we are expecting 300-600 mm of snow with 50-70 kph winds and the temps are going to fall like a rock to -22C after the blizzard roars through. It was +21C yesterday during an unseasonably warm patch so it will feel extra cold because we aren't acclimatized yet.