Iíve only been lifted by Navy heloís, but those had dedicated aircrew in the back to operate the lifting gear. We used either dog collars (a strap at the end of the cable you wrap around and hook up), but that was decades back. The collar doesnít weigh a lot, but it required some effort because the person being lifted can slip out ó seriously not good. The last time I was lifted they used a cable and hook-latch (whatever the terminology) to snap onto my vestís D-ring.

Regardless, thereís gear required other than the hoist (winch) for a casualty in her condition which would require the helo to carry additional weight. Fuel is necessary weight, SAR equipment and personnel werenít necessary for their mission that day, so that would be extra that helo pilots would probably choose to not carry. A basket would have been nice, but that definitely needs a certified operator, weight and storage space.

This wasnít a SAR mission, so the necessary gear probably wasnít on the helo and lacking a dedicated operator is a show stopper for a lift. That said, Iím in the dark as to equipment and personnel on the helo used in this rescue, but finding a place to land the helo to pick up the lost hiker was an easy decision to make.

Just my opinion, wasnít there.