jugs are good 👍
1 gallon $1 jugs are much easier to move than the rest wink

the disposable water bob stuff makes no sense to me
no sense as a concept
if you really need to use one every year -- build a cistern
store a barrel in the kitchen or in the bathroom wink

no sense as a product
Foodgrade clear linear low density drum liners 23x20x98 Inches x 0.98 Mil. Holds 56 gallons. 100/carton.
$57.24, or $.60 per bag

if the bags were $5 it might be more appealing (still a gimmick)

personally i use bathtub water strictly for flushing/washing
in condo i get to practice this once a year at least,
never store more than a dozen gallons
as the water outages are always less than 6 hours

there is always a couple of gallons of emergency flushing water in bleach/soap jugs in case the bathtub wasn't filled